10 Ideas For Decorating With Corrugated Metal

March 21, 2024

Corrugated metal is a versatile material that can add an interesting look to a room. It’s also gaining popularity and popping up in interior design styles beyond industrial. If you’re thinking about corrugated metal for your custom home design, here are some ideas for decorating with corrugated metal to inspire you:

1. Display Art Using Corrugated Metal

Sculptural art is one of the interior design trends and there are many ways to incorporate it, especially with something as flexible as corrugated metal. Beyond freestanding sculptures, corrugated metal can be lightweight, which makes it a good fit for wall art.

Not only can this add texture to your walls, but it can also become a statement piece and focal point for the room. If you would prefer something more subtle, it can also be used as a backing or frame for other pieces to highlight them and subtly enhance the decor.

2. Choose it for an Accent Wall or Backsplash

Although not the most common choice, corrugated metal can be a good choice for an accent wall or backsplash. Because it would be more difficult to clean, it may not be the best choice as a kitchen backsplash idea. But, it could work as a backsplash concept in another area. Keeping it in the kitchen, corrugated metal can work well as a surround for a kitchen island. 

When used as an accent wall, corrugated metal can elevate and enhance industrial interior design. It also can work well with modern interiors. Depending on the type and style of corrugated metal and what else it is paired with in a room, it can range from sleek and modern to rustic and vintage.

3. Put Up a Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

A fence is one of the top ways to add privacy to your backyard and there are a ton of materials and designs to choose from. If you want an edgier, more rustic, more modern, or more industrial look, a corrugated metal privacy fence is an option. And, because this is a flexible metal, you can also get creative with the style and design of your fence.

4. Use it as a Garden Fence

If you aren’t putting up a fence around your backyard or have a different material in mind, you can take a smaller and more detailed view and use corrugated metal as a garden fence or border.

This is a garden fence idea that is both functional and fashionable. Metal can add elegance for something vintage or Victorian, it can enhance a rustic look, or it can add an industrial edge to your garden. Corrugated metal is flexible, so there are a lot of ways you can use it.

You can even mix and match metals, like pairing corrugated metal and wrought iron for a unique look. Another option is to complement corrugated metal with wood, rope, or other materials to achieve the look and feel you want.

5. Upgrade Your Wine Storage

Wine fridges and wine racks are some of the most common wine storage solutions. Wine racks using corrugated metal in some capacity can upgrade your wine storage and complement a modern, industrial, or hi-tech look. In a rack situation, corrugated metal often shows up as backing and/or side panels for the rack. For smaller wine racks, the entire thing may be constructed of corrugated metal.

6. Create Cool Shelving

Similar to wine racks, corrugated metal can also be used in other types of shelving. It’s usually not used as a weight-bearing shelf, but often appears in other areas of the shelf. It’s also often paired with other metals or wood to create a sturdy set of shelves with a look that fits in well with a variety of interior design styles. The overall shelf can affect the look and feel of the room it’s in and is something to consider as you style a bookshelf.

7. Add Some Edge to Your Bed

Corrugated metal may not be known as a comfortable material, but it is a metal that can add an edgier look to a room depending on where and how it is used. Playing around with different ideas and getting creative with your headboard are some bedroom design trends.

Using corrugated metal as your headboard or mixing it with wood for a headboard can add an edgier, modern look to your bedroom. Just make sure there is some padding along the back and protection for the wall to keep wear and tear normal and prevent damage from exposed metal over time.

8. Include Some Corrugated Metal Ceiling Panels

Corrugated metal design elements can add an interesting element and help create a unique aesthetic in a room. With the right finish and material, it can even be used as ceiling panels for a visually striking statement ceiling. Contrast, rustic design, and unique elements are all ceiling design ideas that corrugated metal can help achieve.

When using corrugated metal ceiling panels, brushed or hammered finishes tend to be more popular choices. There is a lot of flexibility as well as it is available in large panels for full coverage or in tiles that can be arranged in a pattern, used as an accent, or paired with other materials for additional textures.

9. Enhance the Walls With Corrugated Metal

Corrugated panel and tile options can also be used on the wall if you still want a touch of rustic or industrial, but have other plans for your ceiling. And, because it’s so flexible, it can be an accent wall on its own or part of an overall approach to making your walls more interesting.

Wainscoting is a popular type of wall trim and it’s available in corrugated metal. Similar to tiles for the ceiling, corrugated metal tiles for the wall can be used as wainscoting or paired with other materials and types of trim to create the look you want for your walls.

10. Make it an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are not the best fit for everyone. But, for the people who want one, adding an outdoor shower is one of the landscaping ideas to turn your backyard into an elegant retreat. Using corrugated metal to help create it adds privacy and waterproofing while adding an interesting look to the whole unit.

Plus, an outdoor shower can be useful and convenient if you do a lot of work outside, have a pool, prefer to work out outside, and more. Aside from spending relaxing time out in nature and getting fresh air, being able to rinse off mud, dirt, etc. in an outdoor shower can go a long way cutting down on extra cleaning you would have to do otherwise inside your home.

On top of that, an outdoor shower can double as a pet washing station provided the weather is amenable. Not only is this convenient, but it can also cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do by keeping messy pet bathing outside. This makes an outdoor shower a pet-friendly custom home design idea and adding things like this for pets is trending up in home design. 

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