Early Bloomers – Which Flowers Bloom in March?

March 2, 2017

With winter almost behind us, but spring not quite here yet, March can be a tough time for homeowners who are pining for the bright colors of their gardens. The constant back and forth of the weather stops most flowers from coming in, but luckily there are plenty of early bloomers that can give a jumpstart to your landscaping. Keep your garden thriving for longer this year by adding some of these early bloomers into the mix:

1. Pansy

These flowers are an annual favorite of gardeners for their low amount of required maintenance, as well as their wide range of available colors. They grow well in cold weather with a full bloom of about 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

The Pansy is extremely easy to integrate into your current garden’s ambiance by choosing from one of its many colors, including yellow, orange, purple, red, white, and others. Sun with partial shade and slightly moist earth make for the best plot to plant your own. Plus, they are a great addition to spring centerpieces for your home.

2. Iris

The variety of Irises that exist is similar to that of the Pansy, with a ton of colors available to choose from. For an early bloom, the “Harmony” Iris is your best choice. These plants come in an array of stunning purples and blues, which can create an amazing contrast with the more pastel colors of later spring flowers.

Typically, they will get to about six inches tall and do well in full sunlight. If you are looking for other Irises that bloom in different colors or sizes, make sure to check out all of the different varieties to find the perfect fit for your garden.

3. Hydrangea

While the Hydrangea does technically bloom during the middle of spring, the visual interest it provides early on still makes it a key part of extending your garden’s beauty. This plant typically brings with it oversized foliage and large flowers that are sure to draw the eye.

Despite reaching up to six feet tall and spanning up to eight feet wide, the Hydrangea is relatively easy to care for. Plant it in some partial shade with moist soil and enjoy the extra brightness it brings to your garden.

Using these early bloomers in your flower patch will not only give you more variety, but it will also add a month or two of extra enjoyment from your garden!