6 Fall Outdoor Decor Ideas

September 3, 2020

Fall air brings with it an inherent nostalgia. You can capitalize on the seasonal transition and add some aesthetic curb appeal to your home with some creative outdoor decor. Outdoor decor helps to make your home look warm and inviting. Also, it’s a great way to add a bit of seasonal flair to your property. Here are a few fall outdoor decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Line up Some Gourds

Ornamental gourds are an easy way to create a fall-themed look for the exterior of your home. Concentrating a diverse display of gourds along the walkway or steps leading to the front door of the home is a great accent to the exterior of your home. This is an easy way to upgrade your home’s exterior by creating a welcoming front porch.

Gourds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. This provides the opportunity to create a dynamic display that will capture the essence of fall and make your outdoor decor unique and set it apart. You can also incorporate natural greens and vines to create a natural “pumpkin-patch” look.

2. Use Creative Fall Displays

A fall display can serve as a focal point for your exterior decor. It also promises to take your decorating efforts to the next level. Plus, it provides an opportunity to let your creativity take hold and make something that is customized and unique to your home.

There are so many options available when it comes to the items you can use in an outdoor fall display. Wagons, bushel baskets, wheelbarrows, cauldrons, hay bales, and more are all great options that can be incorporated into the layout of your display.

On top of that, they can hold and showcase other items like pumpkins, gourds, and other authentic fall items. Plus, because there are so many options available, you can find something that works no matter what front porch style you have.

Consider how you will orient these items so they have the maximum impact, are visible from the street, or as guests approach the entries of your home. Your fall displays should ideally integrate with the rest of your fall decor to create the appearance of a well-thought-out and seamless outdoor decor theme.

3. Create Levels with Straw

If you have the space for them, straw bales are a great thing to use in your fall display. Their natural color is a perfect accent and goes well with other fall-themed items. One of the biggest benefits of using straw bales in your outdoor decor is that they allow you to create levels easily.

They provide a great way to display other decor items while allowing for the staggering of both height and depth in the display. This will enhance your display and attract and hold your guest’s attention. You may find various sizes of straw bales from a local farmer or farmer’s market.

Mini bales are a great option for decor next to an entry door. Full-size hay bales are an excellent choice to incorporate with cornstalks or ornamental ears of corn. A mix of straw bales, cornstalks, and gourds or pumpkins is a great way to frame the corner of a porch or walkway leading to the front door for fall.

4. Play with Color

Another one of the fall outdoor decor ideas is to play with color. Oranges and browns are common fall colors, as they are a representation of the natural colors of the season. But, you don’t have to get stuck on these color options.

Consider using these tones as the base of your display while choosing accent items of different colors that will stand out in your outdoor decor. Creams and whites can provide a nice contrast.

You can also include accent colors that match the exterior colors of your home. This will help to tie your decor in with the existing colors that are already present and give your display some extra appeal.

5. Make a Birdfeeder

Another fall outdoor decor idea is to make a birdfeeder. Gourds that have been hollowed out and cleaned can make a natural bowl to hold birdseed. These can be decorated and hung up adjacent to your other fall display items. This kind of feeder makes for a great project to do with children or grandchildren.

If you’re especially handy and enjoy birdwatching, you could build a birdhouse for your backyard complete with a feeder and any other features you want to include. Many craft stores or farmer’s markets will also have a large variety of wooden feeders for sale. Whether you decide to buy or DIY, you can surely find one that will match the rest of your outdoor fall decor.

6. Make a Fall-Themed Wreath for the Door

Wreaths are obvious options for front door decor around Christmas, but there are plenty of opportunities for using wreaths year-round. Getting creative with a wreath on the door is one of the ideas for fun front door decor. A fall-themed wreath for your front door is the perfect way to top-off your outdoor decor this fall.

You can find plenty of inspiration online for fall wreath ideas, and the options are as plentiful and unique as your creativity. When making or buying a wreath to display on your front door this fall, consider the materials in the wreath to ensure that it provides the right look and feel.

Certain textiles will be better options for fall wreaths than others. Burlap or grapevine are both great options for fall wreaths. Artificial leaves or fall vegetables can be fastened to the wreath to further capture that fall feeling.

These are just a few fall outdoor decor ideas to inspire you with some ideas for your own. Many of them can also be turned into farmhouse landscaping ideas. Seasonal decorations are a great way to make the outside areas of your property attractive and visually appealing.

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