Options for Foot and Hand Washing Stations

November 3, 2016

Many families know too well the slippery, muddy floors that happen any time of year. For anyone, it can be frustrating and annoying to constantly sweep and mop over time. Well, with a little thought and creativity you can have a foot and hand washing station that will keep your home clean and your sanity intact.

Indoor Foot and Hand Washing Stations

These stations are wonderful to keep your home and your family clean. These can be used in the summer or spring to clean muddy flip-flops and bare feet or snowy, muddy boots in the winter. These stations are very convenient and can help keep your whole home cleaner and safer. While it may seem odd, a hand and foot washing station will keep slippery boots and mud off the floor. This means it is less likely to slip and fall.

Outdoor Foot and Hand Washing Stations

Outdoor washing stations can keep your outdoor living space clean and beautiful. They can be simple and effective or large and elaborate. This way if you have a pool you can rinse before and after swimming or to clean your hands and feet after some time spent gardening.

DIY or Installed

If you want a foot and hand washing station for your indoor and/or outdoor space you may want to consider DIY and professional options. DIY foot and hand washing stations can be simple, inexpensive, and practical. Professionally installed foot and hand washing stations can be larger and more elaborate. If you want a station that is larger and more elaborate you will want to discuss plans with a professional and reliable contractor.

Though you may not think that a foot and hand washing station is useful for many homes it can keep your family and home clean and happy. If you want to have a contractor install a station into your home or make one yourself you should consider placement, need, and frequency of use.