Front Door Styles: Why Wider Doors Are Becoming More Popular

January 12, 2016

As home design evolves and changes wider doors, windows, and more space in the home makes the home look more inviting and can make those in the home much more comfortable. By creating space in entryways and windows you can also give more space to the home and make it easier to decorate maneuver in the home. When designing a home making sure that it functions well for your family is paramount. Be sure when making entryways wider you can help anyone feel invited and welcomed to your home.

Ease of Use and Accessibility for All

For many, it is simply easier to have a home with a large entryway. Plenty of families have members that require accessibility for a wheelchair. Having a ramp or lift is essential and creating a large doorway will make it easier for everyone to enter and exit as they wish. It also makes it easier for their family members or caretakers so they no longer need to first bring the person into the home and then their wheelchair.

It can also make trips to and from your home easier. Many of us struggle to fit through the door with an armful of groceries, a cell phone in our hands, and laundry over our shoulder. While you may not consider this a typical day, they happen more often than we think when we design our home.

Elegant Appearance

Wider doors appear more inviting and can make the home seem more spacious and expansive even if that is not the case. Some of the best things to do with wider doors is to paint them a bold color to make them pop in contrast to the rest of the house. It will also help draw the eye to the entryway and help guests who are coming to your home know exactly where to go. Make sure the door does flow well with the rest of your home. This way if you have a small, cozy home you won’t have a large, baroque door clashing.

It also gives your house a bit more curb appeal. Because it is large and often eye-catching, for those trying to sell their home it can be the perfect way to have potential buyers step through the door. If you decide to install a larger door be sure to invest in a sturdy mold around the doorway and durable door hitches so it will not lean or bend with time.

Increased Comfort

The first impression is often the one that sticks. Creating an open, warm, and welcoming entrance can add relaxation to your life and make your home more inviting for your guests. Creating an entrance with a foyer or even a small bench to sit while you take off your shoes can make those in your family and those visiting feel more comfortable. Keeping the snow boots and raincoats near the doorway can also help your home stay cleaner as well.

Better Routine

Having a larger doorway can also help you have a better routine. By creating a larger space you are able to leave things like shoes, keys and, your coat at the door so you do not have to find them the next morning. While it may seem like a small change, it can make a big difference in time saved and stress managed.

More Durable

If you live in an area with extreme weather a wider, tougher door can help keep heat in and the weather out of your home. Thicker, sturdier doors will help you keep your home’s temperature regulated. With a thicker doorway, when it is closed the door will not allow cool or warm air out of your home as easily as a thinner or glass door.

If you think a wider door is a good idea for your home be sure to research the process well and decide on what contractor you will want to hire if you need to widen the doorway. While it may seem rather elementary, widening a doorway takes thought, time, and patience. Be sure you have plenty of each, even if you are not the one installing it.