3 Fun Spring Decorating Ideas

April 6, 2017

With spring in the air and winter finally behind us, it’s time to shake off the dust, knock out the spring cleaning list, and get some fresh air in our home. However, what do you do once all the cleaning is done and your attic and garage are finally tidied up and organized? Why not try out some fun spring decorating ideas?

Given the fact that it’s still rainy and a bit chilly during the early months of spring, looking for new ways to add some color and interest to your home can be fun when you’re not tending to your garden. If you’re looking for some fun and interesting design ideas this spring, here are a few spring decorating ideas to inspire you:

1. Succulents – The House Plant for the Not so Green-Thumbed

Not everyone has the necessary knack for tending to house plants. Maybe you forget to water them or you overwater them. Some plants are more finicky than others and need some extra care and consideration. In either case, if you happen to be among the many that don’t seem to have any luck keeping houseplants alive, then succulents might be the perfect choice for you.

Not only are succulents hardy and able to survive all year round, but they need relatively little water. They only need water about once a week in the spring and summer months and only once a month in the winter. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

On top of being easy to take care of, they also make for great decorations. Succulents can be planted in just about anything that can hold soil and can even grow on a vertical surface, come in a wide array of colors and shapes, and are all around a beautiful plant. If you’re looking for a decoration idea this spring that will last, then try using succulents.

2. Make a Spring Mantelpiece

Mantelpieces are also a great decoration point and give your mantel something to do other than simply collecting dust. If you’re thinking spring, then you’re looking at fun, fresh, and light colors.

Pastels are the typical palette associated with the season, but don’t let that stop you from trying other things. Try mixing creams and pinks alongside blues and greens to create an interesting and fun spring centerpiece. There are also some neat designs and spring wreaths created using grapevines and dried moss.

3. Fluttering by the Butterfly

The butterfly motif and design is a popular one when it comes to spring decorating. Not only is this great for a spring decoration theme, but it also makes for a great year-round design. Butterflies have a beautiful light-hearted characteristic, which is the perfect setting after coming away from a long winter.

Additionally, given the color variations that are naturally occurring in butterflies, you can use them to expand your color palette. This allows you a lot more flexibility with color and without necessarily being overstated.

As with any design ideas, take some time and check out some other neat things that are happening in homes around the world to help you come up with something that is unique and perfectly suited for your home!