6 Top Garden Trends of 2021

July 8, 2021

A garden can be the perfect addition to your yard to elevate your landscaping and give you a creative, often relaxing hobby to do outside. Whether you’re looking to update your garden or get one started, here are some garden trends of 2021 to inspire you:

1. Using Natural Materials

Natural materials, like simplistic furniture and DIY pieces, can enhance your garden and turn it into more of an outdoor living space to relax and enjoy. They can also give your garden a more old-fashioned, rustic design instead of a perfectly hemmed modern look.

Swings, small furniture, handcrafted materials, and more can all help you add small or big pieces to your garden for an interesting look. You can also take an “extreme naturalism” approach and opt for boulders, rocks, small ponds, and untouched hedges.

2. Growing Vegetables

There has been a significant increase in growing food in the backyard. Although it can be more difficult than flowers and other plants, it can give your garden a unique look with the added benefit of being able to eat what you grow.

Vegetables provide their own beauty with differing shapes and colors. This garden trend gives you beautiful scenery, a hobby outside, and the ability to provide food from raising your own miniature crops.

3. Including Bright and Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors in flowers and plants can make your garden stand out and provide a pop of color among all of the greenery. Vivid oranges, reds, purpose, yellows, and more are attention-grabbing.

They can also help you create a warm, welcoming yard. Plus, if you opt for touches of bright, bold colors in your patio furniture or other outdoor decor, you can include some plants that match.

4. Adding Statement Plants

Just as statement pieces are regularly one of the top interior design trends, statement plants are one of the top garden trends. Statement plants can help you create a focal point in your garden. You can also go for “one-pot wonders”, which are statement plants in a container. These can be added to a garden, placed on a porch or patio, and more.

5. Using Sustainable Gardening Practices

Another one of the top garden trends of 2021 is sustainable gardening practices. In addition to choosing native plants and avoiding invasive plants and other plants to never grow in your yard, this includes things like applying mulch to save water and suppress weeds as well as making your own compost and conserving water.

Water conservation efforts in your garden include balancing water usage with weather and having some rain barrels to collect water to use for your garden. If it’s going to rain, you likely don’t need to water your garden with the hose. You can also opt for drought-tolerant plants that don’t require much water to begin with.

6. Getting Creative With Planters and Containers

Your plants can be a decoration in and of themselves, but so can their containers. There are tons of ideas for a new planter that you can use to creative with how you grow and display your plants.

Plus, because there are so many ideas and ways to create a container, you can match any style you want. You may even be able to repurpose items you don’t want into a cool new container for your plants!

These are just a few of the top garden trends of 2021 to inspire you as you think about your own garden. If no amount of landscaping outside or remodeling inside makes your current house feel like home, consider a custom home that is built to your style and needs.

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