4 Frightfully Fun Halloween Decor Ideas

October 4, 2018

Some people absolutely love Halloween while others are more focused on fall and then Christmas. If you’re a fan of all things spooky, decorating for Halloween is a fun, ongoing adventure. Whether you go all out or just add a few items, here are some frightfully fun Halloween decor ideas:

1. Make Your Front Porch a Spooky Entrance

You may host Halloween parties or maybe you only welcome the local trick-or-treaters. Either way, you can turn your front porch into a spooky entrance to get into the Halloween spirit. You can start with a Halloween-themed wreath on your front door or some window decals to add some spooky effects to your front door. You can also take ideas for fun front door decor and put a spooky spin on them for Halloween. From there, consider the space along the sides of your door and the pathway up to it.

You can add creepy-looking trees and pumpkins, a motion-activated creepy figure, or floating ghosts to the sides of your door to frame it with Halloween decor. You can also add a colorful rug or floor mat to upgrade the look of your front landing. Strategically placed lights, lanterns, and glow-in-the-dark decorations can add a unique element to enhance your front porch decor when it starts to get dark. Even if you don’t add many decorations to the interior of your home, you can take a minimal approach to your front porch or go all out to transform the entrance to your home.

2. Use Your Garage Door

Your garage door is an expansive stretch of space when it’s closed. If you really want to get creative and cover your home in Halloween decor, don’t forget to use your garage door. Black vinyl adhesive can be cut into a variety of patterns to create spooky shadows on your garage door. You can also use painted cardboard or plywood cutouts to create a shadowy scene and hang them on the garage door. Both of these options can be removed easily when Halloween is over and stored to be used again next year.

Another option is to cover the garage door tightly in a sheet of material or a tarp that you can paint. You can paint a fun Halloween mural or cover it with chalkboard paint to be able to draw a scene in chalk. By using a base material, cleanup is easy and your garage door stays pristine. You can also add decor along the sides of the garage to complete the look and along the sides of the driveway to create an extended scene.

3. Decorate Your Front Yard

Similarly to how people decorate their front yard for Christmas, you can use similar techniques to decorate your front yard for Halloween. You can stick lighted figures and structures in the grass to help light up your Halloween decor or you or you can use plywood cutouts to create spooky-shaped silhouettes.

Spooky cutouts can also be added to other areas of your exterior to tie areas together. For example, cutouts in the yard can flow into the front porch with cutouts along the porch railing. The options are endless! You can also add green, orange, or purple solar lights along your walkways to give off an eerie glow. These lights double as fun decor and added safety since they help light up your walkway in the dark to reduce potential trips and falls.

4. Take the Spooky Decor Inside

If you will be hosting a Halloween party or just really love Halloween, you’ll likely be decorating your home inside and out. There are tons of options for indoor Halloween decor because you don’t need to account for things like weather. Cheesecloth, gauze, or white streamers can be used to “mummify” things inside your home. You can wrap doors, railings, furniture, and more to give them a mummified look. If you have a fireplace, you can turn it into a spooky centerpiece by decorating the mantel and adding some decor off to the side.

You can buy Halloween-themed tablecloths, towels, cloth napkins, and more to add some spooky touches to every room of your home. You can also get fabric and stencils to create these items on your own. Pumpkins are quintessential fall and Halloween decor items. Real or artificial, pumpkins can add a classic look to your decor or be turned into jack o’ lanterns for a spooky touch. Glass jars can be filled with water and some green food coloring to look like formaldehyde and then you can add items to create a creepy laboratory look. It’s the perfect decor for anyone going for a “mad scientist” look or character.

When it comes to decorating for themed holidays, the options are endless. Picking a palette and a theme can help you keep your decor tied together inside and out. You can even choose a different Halloween theme for each room and decorate accordingly! Whatever you decide, these Halloween decor ideas can help inspire you on your spooky decorating spree.