6 Popular Home Decor Trends of 2020

March 24, 2020

Whether you are just getting started with designing your custom home or you’ve been living in yours for years, figuring out what to do with your home decor can be a challenge. Although you don’t want to rely solely on what’s popular to make your decision, home decor trends can help you determine what you like and what you don’t like. Here are a few popular home decor trends of 2020 to help inspire your own home decor:

1. Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings have been a popular home decor trend for years. Tray ceilings, crown molding, painted ceilings, and more have been popping up in home design. In 2020, ceilings take center stage and you can expect to see more options show up for decorating and designing the “fifth wall”.

In addition to the classic tray ceilings or painted ceilings, other trends will also make an appearance. More trim and molding options for ceilings, wallpapered ceilings, and even fabric-tented ceilings may become more common in 2020.

2. Natural Textures

In addition to natural materials gaining even more traction, one of the popular home decor trends of 2020 is surface treatments. This modern home decor trend combines a throwback to the 80s and art deco for a nostalgic look and interesting texture.

Cane, rattan, natural wood, and more are still popular materials for furniture. Bamboo has been a popular material for years. In 2020, it gets an upgrade and pops up in more structural applications like chests and dressers, accent tables, lighting fixtures, mirror frames, and more.

When it comes to upholstery, ribbed, channeled, or tufted surface treatments are also increasing in popularity. Not only do these surface treatments offer a natural shape and texture to furniture, but they also often provide a plush look and a touch of vintage luxe home decor as well.

3. Minimalist Shapes

With minimalist interior design on the rise, clutter is out in 2020. Even with the maximalist interior design trend also gaining popularity, clutter-free is still the goal. This also means that furniture takes a turn towards sleek, simple, and structural shapes. Sculptural furniture and decor that are also ornamental can help you get this home decor trend in your home.

4. Unique Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can make or break a room. And, depending on the lighting choices you make, your lighting fixtures can become a focal point for your decor and enhance it. In 2020, unique lighting fixtures will pop up in home design more often.

Sculptural lighting fixtures that mix stone and metal for an industrial look are popular. Geometric designs made out of metal, fixtures made of textured or colored glass, sculptural bamboo lighting fixtures, and more are other options for implementing this home decor trend.

5. Traditional Design With a Twist

Blending classic design with more contemporary elements is the foundation for several popular home design styles like modern farmhouse, french country, and more. Because of this, one of the home decor trends that will continue to be popular is including traditional classic designs with a modern twist. It’s even being referred to in some areas as “Grandmillennial style”.

You can get this home decor trend in your home by pairing classic elements with something more contemporary. Natural fiber rugs, scallops, topiaries, and more paired with furniture with clean lines, modern art on the walls, combining more modern materials, and more can help you get this look.

This type of layering old and new will only continue to gain popularity. Plus, it’s a versatile approach that allows you to combine different styles. In some cases, it may let you transition or refresh your current decor without needing to overhaul it completely.

6. Bold, Rich Colors

Bold, rich colors tend to always find their way into the popular home decor trends for each year. For 2020, these colors are showing up in bold monochromatics or classic black and white for a room as well as in dark painted doors.

The goal of moving from a pale to bold monochromatic approach in a room often results in a room that is full of both personality and elegance. A black and white approach to a room is a bold combination that often results in a sense of classic elegance.

Dark painted doors in rich colors, especially for interior doors, can add character to a room as well as warmth. With the right hardware, a dark painted door can make a statement or provide an artistic touch to a room.
Home decor trends can help inspire you for the look you want to go for in your custom home. Even if they’re not a perfect match for you, looking at trends can help you weed out what you don’t like and identify the elements that best fit your style.

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