Tips for Home Eye Safety Month

October 25, 2016

When improving or even cleaning our home we often wear protective clothing from chemicals, the elements, and tools. Rarely, however, do we as homeowners consider eye protection. This month we encourage you to take precautions to protect your eyes while you work, clean, and improve your home. Here are a few tips you can use so your home is beautiful and your eyes can enjoy the view.

Wear Goggles When Working

If you’re working on remodeling a whole room or doing a simple DIY job you may want to wear goggles. This way any chemicals, tools, or materials that could become flying objects stay away from you and your eyes. More heavy duty remodeling or building should always be done with eye and face protection while smaller DIY projects are more subjective. If you are working with building materials such as lumber, nails, or tools, or you’re working with chemicals you should wear eye protection. If you’re making a nice flower garland, or hanging a painting, however, you should be fine without goggles.

Know How to Flush Eyes With Water

Though it may seem like a simple process flushing your eyes after they are exposed to dangerous materials or chemicals can be anything but simple. If your eyes have been exposed to hazardous debris you will need to flush your eyes thoroughly and quickly.

If you are with someone have them walk you to the closest water source. Then, they should wash their hands with soap and water before examining your eyes for debris. If they find the debris they should try to flush it out with an eyedropper full of water. If that does not work then they will need to pour water over your eyes to try to clear debris from the affected area. This should be done until the debris is out of your eyes. Then, you will want to rest your eyes by closing them, laying down, and possibly covering them with a clean towel or gauze. From there, you can find further medical attention if necessary.

If alone, you will need to walk to the closest water source in your home and begin washing your hands with soap and water. Then, start to vigorously splash water onto your face, focusing around your eyes and nose. Once your face has been cleansed, begin attempting to open your eyes while splashing water onto your face or allowing the water to fall onto your face from the water source. Once the eyes are clear of debris, let them rest or call medical services if needed.

Now you know how to prevent sight damage as well as immediately treat it if necessary. When in doubt, always wear eye protection and always be aware of water sources when working. This way, you can move efficiently if you need to flush your or someone else’s eyes.