Home Organization Tips for 3 Popular Rooms

May 26, 2016

Organization can mean the difference between a clean home and a spotless home. Creating an organization system for each room in your house can help you know exactly where everything is which can cause you less stress in the long run. Here are a few home organization tips for some popular rooms in your home:


The sink cabinet is a neglected space in many homes. Many don’t realize all the potential it can hold with just a little TLC. If you want to store towels, makeup, hair accessories, and other odds and ends in your cabinet, you may want to invest in some fabric and find a few cardboard boxes. You can create lovely boxes by stapling the fabric onto the outside of cardboard boxes and using a different fabric in the interior. This way you can create space and a little color even in the small spaces. This is also a wonderful project if the box is ruined by a leak. Simply take out the staples, wash the fabric and place it on a new box. Good as new!


It may seem counterintuitive, but if you have a tiny kitchen, it can be great to put a small bookshelf in it. This will allow space while fitting some of your spices, dishes, and other odds and ends that may not fit anywhere else neatly. You can also get a little creative with a bookshelf. You can use the bookshelf in your kitchen for appliances that are not always in use (coffee grinder, blender, etc.) and also use it for holding your spices. If you need a pantry, it is already set up with a bookshelf, or you can create a theme for the bookshelf like a coffee stand or even a baking prep station.

Living Room

Installing corner shelves can help create space and store objects in an out-of-the-way area. Small corners are often reserved for end tables and uncomfortable chairs. With a corner bookshelf, you can store books, knick-knacks, and other pieces without taking up space in your living room. Corner shelves are relatively easy to install but should be done by someone who is a somewhat seasoned DIYer or a professional. You will need about 20 nails, a drill, and a friend. Mark on the wall where you want to place the shelves and then begin placing shelves from tallest to shortest. This way, you will be able to reach the tallest shelves and your shortest won’t somehow end up on the floor. Then, place the nails into the shelves and then the wall. Be sure they are secure. Afterward, test them with sturdy weights such as books before placing pieces like glass or fragile knickknacks on the shelves.