6 Top Home Security Trends of 2023

August 5, 2021

Your home is meant to be comfortable and safe. It should be a place where you can relax, and feel free to be yourself without needing to worry about danger from the elements or other people. Here are some of the top home security trends of 2023 to consider including in your custom home:

1. Integrated Smart Home Devices and More Automation

Mobile integrations with smart home devices have allowed homeowners to access and monitor video surveillance, control lights, and more. As more devices flood the market and become more multifunctional, it is imperative that everything works together as seamlessly as possible.

Devices that don’t work together or each require a separate app to function will be pushed aside in favor of more seamlessly integrated options. Disconnected systems and functions won’t be able to keep up with the benefits of having everything tied together in one smart mobile app.

This is particularly true as home security systems and devices continue to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning for more advanced monitoring and improved efficiency. Additionally, devices need to allow for more home automation. Unlocking and locking doors, changing security modes, automated alerts, and more are all becoming the standard for home security.

2. Video Surveillance and Voice Control

Video surveillance on a residential scale continues to be popular and continues to sweep the market. Smart doorbells with video monitoring, voice control, and audio options are one of the most popular home security trends. This is basic access control for the residential market for everyday use and can also help keep your home safe on vacation.

There are also many options available for home security systems aside from just the doorbell. You can go with a fully-equipped system from an established provider or integrator. Or, you can opt for singular devices on the market to meet your needs.

3. Environmental Monitoring Detectors

Making sure you have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is one of the major fire safety tips for your home. They can help keep your home and family safe. But, air quality and fire detection are not the only environmental security issues for your home.

Big storms, heavy rains, freezing temperatures, etc. can all result in a flooded basement or another flooded room in your home. A flood detector can help keep your mind at ease. It detects the moisture level in your home and warns you of potential flooding from broken pipes or faulty appliances.

4. Sophisticated Sensors

With technology options continuing to evolve and more options on the market, efficiency and sophistication also increases. One of the trends in home security curves toward more sophisticated sensors.

Biometrics, like fingerprints, voice control, and face recognition, are already showing up in residential smart lock options and in other areas. Voice recognition and facial recognition are also starting to integrate into other smart home technologies.

In addition to more sophisticated sensors on the end-user side, the equipment and technology itself are also being manufactured with more efficient and sophisticated sensors. This allows for things like security cameras with more uptime and a wider range, devices with tamper detection alerts and tamper-free features, as well as self-powered batteries or solar-powered batteries.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve as the internet of things (IoT) continues to grow and become more integrated, it all also continues to show up in residential home security and other smart home devices. Smart home technology for the kitchen like “smart” refrigerators with touchscreens and sensors to provide notifications, recipes, inventory, etc. are one example.

In addition to internet access and integration, AI and machine learning is showing up in home security systems. Outside of voice control and facial recognition and individualized reminders, this also includes things like camera systems that can recognize and avoid a false alarm and alarm systems that use AI and machine learning to process video/audio recordings and other sensor data to determine which emergency service to contact.

6. Cybersecurity

As smart home devices become more and more connected and integrated, they also become a risk. This makes cybersecurity one of the continuing home security trends. Network and device security as well as data protection and personal privacy are requirements for smart home devices and security systems.

Home security is one of the features to consider in custom home construction and these are just a few of the top home security trends of 2023. New advances in technology allow you to better protect your home and your property and prepare for any emergencies that may come your way. Even covering basic home safety measures and security for your home is often more than worth the peace of mind.

Infographic provided by Alarm Detection Systems, learn more about advanced home security systems