What to Consider Before Getting a Hot Tub

July 7, 2017

When you think of hot tubs, you think of luxury and relaxation. Many people tout their benefits, but are they are great as advertised? Here are some benefits of hot tubs and some things to consider before adding one to your custom home design:

3 Reasons Why Hot Tubs are Great

1. Hot water is a way to reduce stress levels.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that especially after a particularly stressful day, it’s good to take a bath or shower with hot water before going to sleep. This can result in deeper sleep. Hot water also helps battle anxiety and relaxes the mind. If you tend to feel stressed and anxious, a hot tub might be a good investment.

2. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and are incredibly customizable.

You can surely find one that meets your needs and is within your price range to purchase. You can have portable spas, aboveground acrylic hot tubs, traditional wooden tubs, inground tubs and more!

Depending on whether you decide on a deck or patio for your home, it could affect the hot tub options you have available. For example, generally, patios can handle more weight than an elevated deck.

3. They can help reduce pain.

Back pain, arthritis, and inflammation are alleviated by the warmth. Hot tubs also aid circulation and reduce pressure on joints and sore limbs.

Hot tubs can reduce muscle pain and sports injuries. The water relaxes muscles, particularly if massaged, and if used three or four days after an injury, hot tubs can hasten recovery.

4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Hot Tub

1. Hot tubs can increase the risk of excessive heat exposure.

The most obvious, and prevalent, con of a hot tub is excessive heat exposure. Setting the hot tub temperature too hot, or spending too much time in the water, causes negative effects. Always check the temperature of a hot tub before getting in, and at the first sign of dizziness, get out. Never, ever, fall asleep in a hot tub.

2. Maintenance can get expensive.

Maintaining a hot tub can be rather pricey, and is something that you should not ignore. The warmth provides the perfect spot for bacterial growth that can lead to infection. Always keep your hot tub clean, and never enter if you have any open cuts – just in case. Avoid getting water into your eyes and mouth, and stay away if the tub smells strange.

3. Hot tubs can present certain health risks for some conditions.

Hot tubs can present certain health risks for some. The amount of steam can make it difficult to breathe for those with asthma. Be sure to check with your doctor to make certain that hot tubs are safe for you.

4. Hot tub customization will cost you.

Although the option for customization exists, they definitely fall in the pricier range. The cheapest types are portable tubs that start around 500 dollars, and they are temporary. If you truly want a tub that gives you many benefits and is suited for entertaining guests, you may be looking at anything from around 1,000 dollars to over 8,000 dollars depending on what you want.

Unless you’re slapping down a temporary hot tub and leaving it at that, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing whether or not to add a hot tub to your house. However, if it’s a good fit for you and fits your budget, it may just be your favorite addition to the house.