Houzz.com: A Great Resource for Custom Home Ideas

January 7, 2014

Building a custom home can be at once the greatest and most stressful event in anyone’s life. Understanding what it takes to create a custom home can be next to impossible for lay people that may not be experienced builders and that may have difficulty understanding the principles that make a design viable. Keeping that in mind, houzz.com is a great resource that offers ideas, plans, and even examples of great custom homes for the less experienced builder among us.

What It Features

This site has guided tours of rooms in homes that have already been built to help new homeowners get ideas about what they want, what is possible, and what they can expect when the project is finished. This aspect of the site helps to bring projects to life and make them so much more than just a simple blueprint or idea in your mind. It also helps potential builders to understand what is possible and get ideas for their own homes. The site also features a find your own pro option that allows users to search pro builders in their area. This helps to eliminate all the hassle and fuss associated with searching the yellow pages for potential builders for your project. Users can at once find a builder and talk with them about what is possible, what they can do, and what they might achieve if they team up.

What is An Idea Book?

The site also features idea books. This means that users can check out the posts and articles about specifics of any home. This could be bathroom décor, landscaping, kitchen ideas and more. This feature really allows users to figure out what they want, how they intend to get it, and helps them see what others are thinking about in their own homes that they have built or are going to build. Basically, this feature allows users to get ideas about their own homes and what they want to do when building actually starts. Idea books help to open up a whole new realm of possibilities and may even show users things they never thought of. Overall, this site is the perfect place to get inspiration for any custom home build and can help make anyone confident in their ideas in a matter of moments.