How to Create a Cozy Hygge Room

November 6, 2018

The Danish lifestyle concept of hygge has become a popular interior design trend. Hygge does not have a one-word translation. Instead, it refers to an encompassing feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being, specifically from enjoying the simple things in life. Hygge may be both a noun and an adjective as a term, but it is really a way of life. However, you don’t need to overhaul your life to incorporate a little more hygge into it; you just need to add a few things you enjoy to a room. Here’s how to create a cozy hygge room:

1. Create a Comfortable Reading Nook

The concept of hygge is so ingrained in Danish culture that it pops up in reference to specific things, like hyggebukser, hyggelig, and hyggekrog. Hyggebukser refers to a pair of pants that are super comfortable, that you love to wear, and that you would never wear out in public.

Hyggelig is a versatile adjective for anything that is hygge-like and hyggekrog is a nook where you can be comfortable, get cozy, and relax. Fror anyone who enjoys sitting back and reading a book, a comfortable reading nook is a great way to bring some more hygge into your life.

Think about how your ideal reading nook looks. What type of furniture do you want to sit or lie on? Do you enjoy drinking tea, coffee, or hot cocoa while reading? How about snacks? Once you have an idea of what type of nook will bring you the most joy, you can start planning out reading nook ideas. Furniture and accessories cover the basics and the rest encompasses all the delightful details.

For some homeowners, a squishy, padded armchair is the ideal seat. For others, it could be a cushy couch, beanbag, window seat, hammock, or combination of multiple seats. It’s also a good idea to have conveniently placed side tables or a coffee table so you have a place to put a drink, a plate or bowl of snacks, or a small stack of books you’re currently reading. The key with hygge is to create a comfortable space while avoiding a cluttered feeling. Going for cozy and ending up with too much is one of the common mistakes to avoid with hygge decor.

2. Take Advantage of Light

Natural light can be a mood-boosting, relaxing element for a lot of people. By incorporating some into a room through large windows or skylights, you can help create a hyggelig atmosphere. With these opportunities in place, you can sometimes get an immediate sense of comfort and relaxation simply by turning off the artificial lights and enjoying a more mellow atmosphere.

You can also light candles or use diffusers with light-up capabilities. If a room has a fireplace, you can use it during the chillier months to get some added light and to bring an overall sense of warmth to a room. There are also many lighting choices available for your custom home, so you can get the light you need even when natural light or other sources are unavailable.

3. Add Chunky Knits

If you enjoy the feeling of being cushioned while wrapped up in a blanket, chunky knitted throw blankets and fluffy throw pillows can be a great addition to a room. Pillows can be stacked for the ultimate comfortable back support and blankets can be draped or cuddled while reading, watching movies, or just catching up with friends.

4. Think About Social Areas

Although hygge is often characterized by sweaters and hot drinks, it’s not all about the fall or winter months or hunkering down inside. Hygge can also be a walk outside, hosting a picnic in the summer, a bonfire on the beach, or just time spent with friends.

With that in mind, think about creating social areas in your home along with stuff that makes you comfortable. This could be making sure there are a table and chairs for a game night or dinner with friends or including enough seats in the living room for movie nights. As you build in cozy spaces for yourself, think about creating cozy spaces for good times with good friends as well.

When it comes to how to create a cozy hygge room, it’s all depends on the person who will be using the room the most. Hygge is personal and will likely vary in details from person to person because it is all about what you find comfortable and relaxing. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate, and is one of the modern bedroom design ideas.

There are plenty of ways to make a room feel warm and cozy. Whether you’re designing a custom home, redoing a room in your current home, adding some small details you love, or just making the conscious decision to enjoy the present, you’re starting to experience hygge