How to Incorporate Marble Into Your Interior Design

March 21, 2019

Marble can sometimes have a reputation for being bulky and cold when used in interior design. Although marble can be bulky and can come across as cold, it isn’t always. When it comes to adding marble into your home, how and where you use it makes a big difference in how it affects the look and feel of a room. Here’s how to incorporate marble into your interior design:

1. Accent Your Fireplace with Marble

Marble can be a great way to accent your fireplace. A marble mantel can be an elegant way to add a sturdy shelf above your fireplace. You can use marble as the fireplace surround or column to make it stand out and give your fireplace a sophisticated look.

2. Use Marble on the Floors or Walls

Too much marble can make a room look cold, but using it as a floor or adding accents to the wall can incorporate marble in an elegant way. The foyer or master bathroom can be a good fit for marble flooring. Marble is also one of the best bathroom countertops, so that is another option.

A marble backsplash or marble countertops in the kitchen can make it stand out. You can even use marble as wall trim! Instead of traditional wainscoting or a standard chair rail, you can use marble for a subtle accent in a unique way.

3. Integrate Marble into Your Home Bar

If you’re including a home bar in your custom home design, you can use marble as the countertop or marble tile as a backsplash to add an interesting design element. There are plenty of home bar design ideas to choose from when it comes to marble. You can even use a marble block or carved marble as your bar with seating!

4. Marble Furniture can be a Statement Piece

Marble furniture can be a great addition to your home decor or it can be cold and uncomfortable. The key is making marble furniture a statement piece, using it in the right way, and pairing it with the right pieces. Because marble is a sturdy, durable, and strong material, it can be a good foundation and can also withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes marble a great fit for tables, tabletops, side tables, and more. You can even use marble furniture as your outdoor furniture!

5. Include Subtle Marble Accessories

Incorporating marble into your interior design doesn’t have to be a big statement or a large accent. Using marble in accessories here and there is a great way to add a touch of this look without incorporating large, heavy pieces. Marble sculptures and bookends can enhance a bookshelf or a table.

This is one way to style a bookshelf. You can add a pair of marble lamps to your living room or bedroom. Marble planters, vases, mugs, clocks, coasters, or candlesticks can also add a subtle touch of this material without overwhelming a room. You can even add a marble dinnerware collection to your kitchen.

Incorporating natural materials is one of the Italianate architecture design ideas that also supports several styles and there are plenty of ways to incorporate marble into your interior design. Whether you want to make a big statement or go for the subtle look, marble can be a good choice. If your current home just isn’t cutting it no matter how much you redecorate, consider building a custom home to get what you want and need instead. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!