How to Incorporate Tile Accents into Your Custom Home Design

June 12, 2018

Tile is a versatile and durable material. You don’t need to go all out with tile flooring and walls everywhere to take advantage of it. For a splash of tile in your decor, there are tile accents. Tile accents can add a beautiful, elegant detail to the interior design of your custom home. Here’s how to incorporate tile accents into your custom home design:

1. Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower units are a popular addition to any bathroom design. They’re also a great place to incorporate tile accents. By adding a custom waterfall design or just including tile accent trim, your shower looks clean and organized with a touch of flair.

You can create a niche in the shower to create a visual focal point and to have space for your shower accessories. This combines style and function for a beautiful result and is also one of the half-wall shower design ideas. Another option is to make a shower feature wall using tile. This works similarly to accent walls in other rooms in that it allows you to feature a bold design or color without overwhelming the space.

2. Around a Bathtub

The options available vary depending on whether your bathtub is inset or a standalone clawfoot tub. With a clawfoot tub and a more vintage bathroom design, you might have to stick to tile accents in the floor. You can create a floor design specifically around the standalone tub.

With an inset bathtub, there is usually tile around at least one side of the tub to create a ledge and connect seamlessly with the wall. This is a great place to incorporate tile accents and is one of the bathroom design ideas that can make your bathroom stand out.

3. Surround a Mirror

An interesting way to incorporate tile accents is to surround a mirror with a custom, unique mosaic. This is certainly a design move that works best for mirrors that likely won’t be moving, like your bathroom mirror. If you’re planning to have other stationary or built-in mirrors in your custom home, a tile surround could be a good option for them as well.

If you plan to do multiple mirror surrounds in various rooms of the home, you can choose a design theme and then change the color for each one to match the decor in each room. This adds some consistency to the design and ties it together across rooms while allowing each one to still be unique.

4. Entryway

A good way to incorporate tile flooring without covering the entire floor is to focus on an entryway. You can create a small area of tile for a beautiful, more personalized entrance that is also durable and easy to clean.

5. Kitchen Backsplash

There are many tips to help you choose a kitchen backsplash. Custom tile backsplashes in kitchens are a popular interior design element and are a great way to incorporate tile accents into your custom home design.

Tile backsplashes in the kitchen can range from simple to intricate designs and can also add an elegant, unique touch to your kitchen design. Not only is a backsplash one of the ways to incorporate tile, but you can also use tile as one of the kitchen accent wall ideas to create an interesting look.

They also tend to fit in with a variety of interior styles. A Mediterranean tile backsplash is one of the Spanish style kitchen design ideas and can help make your kitchen design stand out.

6. Kitchen Island

A split-level or raised level kitchen island offers an opportunity for subtle design touches while also adding storage to your kitchen design. Tile accents added to the side surface of the raised level countertop can take your kitchen design up a notch without overwhelming the room or sacrificing function.

There are pros and cons of tile countertops. If tile isn’t the best fit for your kitchen countertops, but you still want to incorporate it somehow, you can wrap the base of your kitchen island for a larger effect and a unique design element. You could even create a waterfall or mosaic tile feature or accent to enhance your overall kitchen design.

7. Fireplace

A fireplace offers a few options for incorporating tile accents. The mantel is a shelf located above the fireplace. It can be used to display decorations or other objects and can also feature some tile design too. The hearth is the floor area in front of the fireplace and is another great place to incorporate tile accents.

You can also tile your fireplace surround to frame your fireplace with tile and use tile accents to create a statement look. You can create mosaics, abstract designs, or create a picture of something.

Tile accents can add a unique splash to your custom home design, which is one of the reasons they are popular around the home. Still thinking about what to include in your custom home design? Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get on the path to your dream home.