How to Organize Kitchen Appliances

October 10, 2023

It’s not uncommon for kitchens to feel overcrowded or busy, especially if you tend to have a fair amount of kitchen appliances. If you hide them away or display them out in the open, it’s helpful to have an organization plan. This helps keep your cooking space feeling less cluttered and gives you more room for food prep. Here’s how to organize kitchen appliances:

1. Decide What You Absolutely Need

The process of organizing your kitchen appliances is much like the process of organizing kitchen cabinets. Start with assessing your needs. Take stock of every appliance you have. What’s most important and used often? What do you use occasionally?

If there are any appliances you haven’t used in over a year, you may need to consider getting rid of them. If you have limited space, this is especially important. Donate any working appliance or recycle the appliances that are broken. Keeping anything you don’t need is a common kitchen organization mistake to avoid.

2. Categorize Appliances

Now that you have the appliances you intend to keep, start categorizing them by function. Functionality is something you should consider when choosing kitchen appliances in the first place.

Group coffee appliances like coffee makers, grinders, or espresso machines together. That way, you’ll have all the things needed for coffee in the morning in one area. Establishing a drink station can make your mornings easier and can also help you design your kitchen for entertaining.

Store immersion blenders and food processors together. Toaster ovens, toasters, and blenders can stick together for fast breakfast prep. Grouping things into these categories will eliminate walking all over your kitchen while cooking or doing food prep.

3. Choose Which Appliances Stay on Your Counter

There will be appliances you want on your counters at all times. These will be your most used appliances, perhaps a coffee maker, toaster, and slow cooker. Try to keep the amount of appliances rather limited so your counters aren’t overwhelmed. Any other appliances can be stored in cabinets, on open shelving, or in your pantry.

You can even include an appliance garage to create dedicated space for specific appliances. Using up unused or wasted space in your kitchen design, putting it in a kitchen island, including it in a pantry, and more are appliance garage ideas you can use to add storage to your kitchen design and better organize kitchen appliances.

4. Store Based on Frequency of Use

Now that you’ve chosen the appliances you want to store on your counters, it’s time to store the rest of your appliances. Store frequently used appliances in places that are out of the way, but still easy to access.

Making sure you have enough storage for your appliances is a kitchen must-have every home needs. Keep these appliances on a lower-level shelf or drawer. You don’t want to pull out a step ladder every time you use a food processor or slow cooker.

5. Store Heavy Appliances on the Lowest Shelves

If you have any heavy appliances like a stand mixer, be sure to store them on the lowest shelf or even in a drawer. Storing heavy appliances on higher shelves may pose a safety risk. Not only could they fall on you or damage the floor, but they could also be too heavy for some shelves. Be sure that you know the weight limit of your cabinetry before storing heavy appliances. These are things that you need to keep in mind when you plan kitchen storage.

6. Consider Appliance Garages

If you want a clutter-free counter but still want to implement some coffee station ideas or keep appliances on the counter, you might want to consider appliance garages. These are small cabinets or retractable doors that are built onto your counter and hide any appliance. This gives the appearance of a clutter-free counter while still giving you easy access to your most used appliances. This is one kitchen trend that will never go out of style.

These are just a few tips on how to organize your kitchen appliances to implement in your home. If you still need more space, a remodel could be helpful. But if even a remodel isn’t fixing your problem, you could invest in a custom home design. If you’re ready for a home designed and customized for your specific needs, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090. We can help bring your dream home to life!