How To Throw an Amazing Christmas in July Party

July 14, 2016

Christmas in July parties are fun, kitschy, and can be a party where your creativity soars. There are plenty of crafts, recipes, and games you can create to make this half-way-to-Christmas-day the second most festive day of the year! Here are a few of our favorite crafts and ideas to celebrate the season.

Christmas Lights on the Deck

Take advice from Gretchen Wilson and keep those Christmas lights up. They can add a romantic ambiance during the evening festivities and also give the festive glow of a chillier season. If you have them packed up hang them as you would during the holidays. Then put out a few lawn ornaments such as snowmen and reindeer with a few summer hats and sunglasses on. With just a few touches you will have set the scene for a wonderful party.

Snowball Fight!

With whitewater balloons, a basket, and a garden hose you can have an epic snowball fight even in the dog days of summer. You can buy a pack of white water balloons at any party supply store. If you really want to make it festive you can put snowflake confetti in the balloons once they are filled. Everyone will have a blast and the spirit of the holidays will blow right through the muggy summer afternoon.

Candy Cane Pool Noodles

If you have a pool candy cane pool noodles are a simple and fun craft that will add the perfect touch to your party. All you need is wire and mesh material. You can use any color but I love using red noodles with white fabric. First, you take the wire and pull them through the noodle. Be sure to have a spare noodle you can use to put on the ends of the wire. That way no one gets jabbed while swimming. Then tie the ribbon or fabric to one end of the wire and wrap it around the noodle. Afterward, tie the other end of the fabric to the other end of the wire and tuck it all in. Voila! You have the perfect floatation candy cane.

Wrap Up in the Spirit!

And finally, you will want to dress the part for your Christmas in July party! Dawn a red t-shirt with green swim trunks. Wear a red and white robe as your bathing suit cover-up. Dawn a winter hat and maybe a scarf with the rest of your summer attire. Have fun with your clothing and your party.