How to Throw the Best Housewarming Party

January 26, 2018

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting milestones that life has to offer. A home signifies freedom, independence, and opportunity. And, if entertaining is your thing, a housewarming party can be the perfect way to celebrate. It’s no wonder that housewarming parties have become a tradition; they help new homeowners celebrate this wonderful occasion – while showing off a new home!

Being the party planner can always be a little daunting at the beginning of the process. Housewarming party planning is no different. Experiencing a new home in a new area, with new neighbors, can feel overwhelming. Especially when you may not know what resources you have available, or what your home can handle.

Here are a couple of suggestions for how to throw a wonderful housewarming party:

1. Pick a Date and Theme

Start by picking your date and theme. It might be a good idea to start with a few dates in mind and then narrow down to one based on the theme you choose. There are plenty of housewarming party themes to choose from. It could be anything from a potluck to a simple open house. Once you determine a theme, if you’re going to have one, then you know what date makes the most sense and when to send out your invitations after you’ve made the guest list.

2. Create an Itinerary

Creating a detailed plan will help the party stay on track. Anything from a haphazard bulleted list to a typed timed schedule will work – whatever suits you best!

Think about how big you want the event to be. A tour with just some snacks? A dinner party to relax between segments of showing your home? Will it be casual or formal?

How complex the shindig becomes is entirely up to you. If you usually stick to small gatherings among close-knit friends, you can use an overall plan but ultimately still play it by ear. If you lean towards “the bigger the better”, more thorough planning becomes necessary. After all, realizing there are 40 guests and only 8 chairs can be a little uncomfortable.

3. Enlist Aid

A housewarming party is a big undertaking, especially for one person. Greeting, cooking, serving, attending, guiding, and socializing can all quickly become overwhelming. This celebration should be just as much fun for you as it is for everyone else! Don’t be afraid to ask for help in both planning and hosting!

You can also draw from experience. Ask someone who has thrown a party before for tips and look for more housewarming party suggestions that appeal to you.