6 Ways to Use Garden Herbs in Your Home

August 2, 2017

One of life’s simple pleasures is using herbs in your garden. Growing herbs can be beneficial to your other plants, and they can be used in your home for a variety of purposes. Sure, you can always buy them but why do that when you can grow your own! Here are a few ways that you can use herbs from your garden in your home:

1. Homemade Teas

The most convenient and obvious use is for tea drinkers. You will always have something to make tea at hand. No more having to go out shopping – simply go into your garden to pick what you are craving.

Mint is a popular herb for this use. However, it is one of the plants to never grow in your yard because it will spread like an aggressive weed. But, it’s a great fit for growing in a container inside or on a porch.

2. Cleaning

Certain herbs such as sage, lavender, and basil can be used to clean surfaces. Just add some baking soda and water and you will have a nice polish to your counters and tables.

3. Air Freshener

They make for a perfect air freshener. Herbs that we suggest for a pleasant scent are lavender, peppermint, sweet mint, orange and vanilla. Of course these are only a few to choose from. There are many other herbs with very lovely scents so pick whichever is most palatable to you.

4. Topical Creams and Perfumes

Marigold is believed to help with several skin ailments – particularly inflammation. There are several topical creams that use this particular herb as an ingredient.

Enjoy certain perfumes but feel they are out of your price range? Well, growing your own herbs is a good alternative. Many of these plants carry a very lovely scent. Combined with the right ingredients, they can make for a very enjoyable perfume or cologne.

5. Decoration

Just like flowers, herbs come in a wide variety of looks and colors. Thanks to this, they can make for beautiful decoration. Be certain to make the best of them, and find what works for your home’s theme.

6. Cooking Spices

You won’t find a better way to spice up your meals than with herbs. Not only do they add flavor to whatever you cook up, but they also have a number of health benefits. They can give a vitamin boost to some of your favorite meals.

Herbs can give you a wide variety of benefits both in your garden and in your home. If you have been considering growing some, think about how you’d like to use them and then grow the herbs best-suited to your uses.