6 Ideas for Fun Front Door Decor

September 4, 2018

Your front door welcomes you home, welcomes guests into your home, and contributes to the overall curb appeal of your home. The style and color of your front door can add to the overall look and feel of your home. Beyond that, you can decorate and accessorize your front door to add a creative, fun, and welcoming touch to your entryway. Here are a few ideas for fun front door decor:

1. Add a Seasonal Wreath

Wreaths are the quintessential standard when it comes to front door decor. But, wreaths are more than just one of the classic winter outdoor decor ideas – they’re easy to hang and change with the seasons. Plus, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

You can create a wreath out of almost anything! Small gourds and fall leaves can be great fall outdoor decor ideas. Flowers and plants are a popular option and can be made with artificial flowers or live ones. A seasonal wreath is also one of the easy ways to add flowers to your porch.

Aside from that, you can incorporate your interests and hobbies into making a creative wreath. If you are a wine connoisseur, you can collect various wine corks to make a unique wreath. If you’re a fan of the ocean and the beach, you can create a wreath out of seashells and other nautical elements. Additionally, you can change wreaths to match the seasons, which makes them one of the spring outdoor decor ideas too, or to decorate for specific holidays.

2. Put a Unique Twist on the Standard Wreath

You can put a unique twist on a standard wreath by making a hanging bouquet with a creative base. Using a rain boot, watering can, basket, or umbrella as your vase and then building a bouquet coming out of it results in a fun piece of front door decor with a creative twist.

You can get really creative with the base by repurposing decorative wall sconces, a vintage camera, or other interesting objects. You can also pair this idea with farmhouse decor and use a straw hat or wooden wheel as the base for fun summer farmhouse decor ideas.

3. Add a Letter to Monogram Your Front Door

A simple and fun way to dress up your front door is to add a letter. Hanging a letter on your front door adds some decoration and monograms to your front door.

Letters can be painted in fun colors and designs or covered with an interesting material like artificial grass, pampas grass, flowers, metal, rope, or something else. You can even add lights to creatively illuminate your entryway.

4. Hang up a Sign

Signs are a great way to add some decor to your front door. They’re easy to change and often feature fun sayings and quotes. If you’re feeling crafty, you can paint your own sign for the front door. If you’d rather buy one, there are plenty of options available. You can even hang up a chalkboard sign and update it with a customized message.

5. Use an Empty Picture Frame

An empty picture frame can easily become a fun piece of front door decor with a little paint or glue. A picture frame with an intricate design can be hung up alone or embellished with flowers, ribbons, bows, or other elements to enhance it. Picture frames can be painted and become a frame around a decorative door knocker or could have a message or pictures added to it with string.

6. Get Creative with Wood Cutouts

Creating front door decor using wood cutouts can be a fun family activity. Wood cutouts can be made in almost any shape and painted with fun designs. Plus, you can easily add other elements to them to create an object or enhance the overall look.

If you have a beach theme going on for your summer decor, you can create a fun flip-flop with a 3D look for your front door with a wood cutout, some paint, and some rope. You can even paint a wood cutout and hang it on your front door to use as an address plaque. The options are endless!

There are plenty of ways to add some fun front door decor to your home. If you host parties, you can even create something specifically for that event that may become a talking point for your guests. It’s certainly a fun way to refresh your entryway without needing to make any permanent or structural changes.