How to Implement a Chevron Pattern in Your Kitchen

March 10, 2020

One of the ways to liven up the kitchen in your custom home design is by implementing geometric shapes and patterns. The chevron pattern is a popular example of this kind of decorating style. And, there are many ways to integrate this pattern into your kitchen in creative and effective ways. Here’s how to implement a chevron pattern in your kitchen:

1. Make it a Backsplash

One of the most common ways of using a chevron design within a kitchen is by making it a backsplash. A kitchen backsplash offers a great deal of functional benefit. In addition to an increase in functionality, a backsplash that uses a chevron pattern will help to break up some of the straight lines of cabinetry. This is just one of the many kitchen backsplash ideas to help you create the look you want.

Plus, it adds a geometric focal point and accent to the room. Accent colors can be used to brighten the space under cabinets or behind sink basins and make the kitchen feel more inviting. This is also a great way to incorporate black into your kitchen design.

2. Create it on the Floor

Wood and tile floors can be installed in such a way to create a repetitive chevron pattern. This can be accomplished by simply installing the flooring in such a way that the pattern is evident with grout lines or joints. Bolder patterns may be accomplished by using subtle changes in tile colors or shapes or in wood colors and graining. Plus, using creative patterns like this is one of the popular flooring trends.

3. Use it on Your Kitchen Island

Kitchens with islands present another unique opportunity to incorporate a chevron pattern and provide a beautiful accent to the room. Tile can be used and laid in a chevron pattern to make a countertop that results in a powerful accent piece in the room.

Or, the under-side of an island can have wood installed in a chevron pattern. This provides a beautiful backdrop to chairs or stools in the case of islands with built-in eating areas. Likewise, in the case of eat-in kitchens, a kitchen or dining room table with a chevron pattern inlay is another way to implement a chevron pattern in your kitchen.

4. Show it Off in Kitchen Fabrics

If a more permanent chevron pattern is too much for your taste, you can still create a trendy and appealing kitchen in your custom home by using fabrics and other accent items that display this pattern. Incorporating dish or hand towels, napkins, or other small items with the chevron pattern can help to accent areas with similar solid colors in the same palette.

5. Choose Patterned Plateware

As can be accomplished with choosing fabrics that display the chevron pattern, you can also effectively accent your kitchen area with patterned plateware, placemats, and even silverware. The benefit of incorporating a chevron pattern within your kitchen design through the use of these elements is that the design and pattern will still benefit the décor of the area without the permanency of built-in components.

Design Your Dream Home With Custom Home Group

Geometric patterns and chevron patterns are Art Deco kitchen design ideas that can work well with a variety of styles. With these ways to implement a chevron pattern in your kitchen to inspire you, you will be able to create a trendy kitchen area in your custom home. It can become a pleasant place to prepare meals while also being a unique and eye-catching room in your home that your house guests will appreciate!

Adding a pattern as a subtle touch is one of the white kitchen design ideas that can also enhance other kitchen styles. Be sure that you use reasonable restraint when using a pattern of any kind and maintain a balance between the pattern and areas of the room that do not employ its use. In this way, your use of a chevron pattern will have the most impact within your kitchen and effectively set it apart from others!

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