How to Incorporate Black Into Your Kitchen Design

September 8, 2022

Using black in your custom home can feel overwhelming since it’s such a dark color. However, black can be a very striking and sophisticated color choice and is a popular choice for kitchens. Here’s how to incorporate black into your kitchen design:

1. Use Black Accents

If you’re hesitant to use black, try starting off small. Decorating with black accents allows you to feel out the color without a big commitment. Starting small before making bigger commitments or statements is one of the tips for decorating with bold colors that can help you incorporate black accents into your kitchen design without going overboard.

Incorporate black utensils, kitchen accessories, and other decor to see if you like how black fits in with your kitchen. Use black tableware or place settings, tablecloths, and curtains. You can also mix-and-match items for touches of black without it being the main color of your palette.

2. Choose Statement Black Flooring

An easy way to use black in your kitchen is to pick a black floor that makes a statement! Go with something simple like a herringbone pattern in a matte black if you want to have a laidback look. Black tile is another popular flooring trend as well and will hold up well.

If you want something with more drama, choose a geometric pattern with gold accents. Black and gold are always a great pairing, and will add some glamour to your kitchen. You can implement a chevron pattern in your kitchen by choosing it for the floor or for a kitchen backsplash.

3. Go for Luxury With Black Marble

Marble is consistently one of the popular kitchen design trends year after year. White and gray Carrara marble have been staples of luxurious all-white kitchens for years. However, black marble is just as luxurious.

There are a few options. You can go with a white-flecked black marble or black with gold marbled through. For a statement, choose a black marble island as a focal point for the kitchen or simply install black marble countertops. Marble will always be in style and will last a long time.

4. Pair Black with a Lighter Color

If black feels too dark for your kitchen, pair it with a lighter color. If you have black cabinets, choose a lighter color to bring some light into the room. Pairing light and dark well and balancing your colors are some of the design tips for two-tone kitchens that can help you incorporate black into your kitchen design.

Shades like pale pink or blue would be a good choice. Use these lighter shades for trim, curtains, or even wall color. Choose pale gray or white if you’d like to incorporate modern farmhouse decor into your kitchen.

5. Contrast a White Island with Black Cabinets

Kitchen islands can be a great asset if your kitchen has space for it. Islands are great for entertaining and offer extra storage space, which is why including one can help you design your kitchen for entertaining.

Choosing a white island is a great way to break up the room and bring some light to your kitchen if you have black cabinets and appliances. The contrast of a white island countertop with black cabinets will give your kitchen a fun, dramatic flair without being too over-the-top.

6. Add Drama with a Glossy Backsplash

Backsplashes are another area of your kitchen where you can utilize black and there are several kitchen backsplash ideas to help you get the look you want. Adding a simple black backsplash can add some drama to your kitchen without going overboard. This is also a subtle gothic home decor idea that fits in well with several other styles too.

Glossy subway tiles are a classic choice. The glossiness of the tiles acts almost like a mirror to reflect light and make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. The material and color and how it complements the rest of your kitchen are just a few things to consider when choosing a kitchen backsplash.

These are just a few suggestions on how to incorporate black into your kitchen design. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!