4 Industrial Farmhouse Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

February 2, 2021

If you are looking for a livable and comfortable style of interior design, farmhouse decor can be a great option. Infusing this style of decor with the rugged and industrious aspects of an Industrial style can create a more modern feel and even more functionality within your farmhouse interior design. Here’s what to know about industrial farmhouse and a few industrial farmhouse design ideas for your custom home to inspire you:

What is Industrial Farmhouse Style?

An industrial farmhouse style combines the traditional elements of farmhouse with many of the components of industrial design to achieve a unique and functional interior design style for your home.

Industrial famhouse decor uses a combination of materials, textures, and color to create a rugged modern feel. This style often combines metals and wood for a sense of comfort and functionality.

Industrial farmhouse tends to use traditional components and often also repurposed items as key elements to capturing the farmhouse feel along with a flare of industrial influence.

4 Industrial Farmhouse Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

Industrial farmhouse is one of the popular types of farmhouse styles. Here are a few industrial farmhouse design ideas for your custom home to get you started:

1. Opt for Metal Accents

Opting for metal accent pieces within your Industrial Farmhouse decor will help to bring out the look and feel of this style. This is also one of the easiest industrial kitchen ideas to implement. 

Metal accents, such as metal bookshelves and dining room chairs, can serve as unique pieces that will provide the aesthetic feel of an industrial complex while still joining nicely with the ruggedness of typical farmhouse decor.

Consider using metal with other materials and textures, such as wood. A distressed wood dining room table with metal legs or a metal band around the tabletop is a great way to combine these materials.

Another way to use metal within your decor is to leave some metal piping or even ductwork exposed if you are renovating a space in your home. This is one of the classic industrial interior design ideas. It can help to give the feel of an industrial warehouse or factory and compliment the components of the farmhouse aspects of your decor nicely.

2. Include Victorian Vintage Decor

A little outside-of-the-box thinking can be what is needed to take the interior design and decor in your home to the next level. Including other types of decor into your industrial farmhouse look can be just what is needed to accent and enhance it in a profound way.

Victorian vintage decor can help to infuse some additional color and patterns into your industrial farmhouse style. Decorating with vintage furniture can add a unique look. Plus, the metal tones and textures of many vintage pieces can combine nicely with the industrial aspects of your decor.

Be sure that you don’t overdo it, as sometimes less is more, and subtle accents can go a long way. Vintage Victorian pieces, such as metal lamps, sconces, or even window treatments with metallic thread patterns, used in an industrial farmhouse theme can be just what is needed to finish a room in a unique and effective way.

3. Choose Rough Materials and Finishes

Using rough materials and finishes within industrial farmhouse decor is a good way to ensure that you hit your mark with this style. Rugged textures and finishes don’t mean rugged living.

When done correctly, the use of these materials can result in a more functional, comfortable, and lower-maintenance home. Farmhouse decor is functional by nature. Combining rugged and durable materials can take your industrial farmhouse decor to the next level in both aesthetics and functionality.

A concrete floor is one way to incorporate concrete into your custom home design and can help you get this look. An exposed brick accent wall, a black metal tabletop in your dining room, or statement pieces like an industrial-style light fixture made of repurposed factory components are all ways you can get this look in a room.

4. Add Industrial Lighting Pieces to a Farmhouse Room

As with any decor style, the lighting fixtures you choose are often one of the ways to put a final finishing touch on it, tie a room together, and provide a conversation piece. Industrial lighting choices are a great way to enhance the industrial farmhouse look and feel in your home.

Consider choosing light fixtures with visible wiring, vintage Edison bulbs, and rustic metal finishes to accent the farmhouse elements of your decor. The infusion of these raw materials in your decorating will help to bring out the feel of a rustic, yet functional farmhouse look with a vintage feel and an industrial flair.

These are just a few industrial farmhouse design ideas for your custom home. There are plenty of options available in this style and opportunities for a lot of creativity. From repurposed components and elements to the incorporation of raw materials and textures, the possibilities are near endless.

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