5 Functional Industrial Interior Design Tips

January 9, 2020

One way to make your new dream home stand out from the rest is to choose an interior design style that suits you. Industrial interior design décor is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want a unique and functional aesthetic for their homes. Industrial design is a fun way to allow for a high level of creativity to make its way into your home. If you think industrial design could be the one for you, here are some functional industrial interior design tips to help you get started in the right direction:

1. Focus on Open Layouts

One of the best industrial interior design tips is to keep the layout and schematics of your new home as open as possible. The spaces and common areas of the home should feel big and roomy. Open layouts tend to be preferred regardless of your interior style, so having one in your custom home opens up a lot of possibilities.

Many of the materials and components that will be incorporated with this kind of design style tend to be big and bold. Keeping layouts more open will allow these parts of your design to have the maximum amount of impact without overwhelming a single room. Plus, it will help to achieve the look and feel of that industrial-style building which you are attempting to replicate.

2. Start with Neutral Colors

By nature, industrial design does not typically utilize a lot of vibrant coloring, so you will want to start with a base of neutral colors and work from there. When selecting your color scheme, consider the hues that are present in an industrial setting and use these at the core of your design.

You can then add accent pieces and use other pieces of furniture to give some color to the rooms in your home. By starting with neutral colors, these pieces will stand out better and help create more deliberate focal points in each room of your home.

3. Use Natural Materials

It’s important that the materials you choose to use fit within your interior design theme. This is true for any interior design style, but it is especially highlighted when you decide to go with an industrial theme. Choosing the right building materials will complement the other components and décor that you choose for your new dream home and they can truly make or break your interior design!

If an industrial theme is your style of choice, consider using more raw, natural, and rugged types of building materials. And, don’t be afraid to be creative! Things that are often thought of as exterior building materials really shine in an industrial themed home.

Reclaimed and raw wood, different types of metals, a brick accent wall, and even concrete can all be incorporated into your interior design in uniquely customized ways. They can all help to create the look and feel of a factory, warehouse, or another type of industrial property.

4. Take Inspiration from Factories

Finding inspiration from existing industrial architecture can be a fun part of the process and one where your creativity can really be displayed. This is why taking inspiration from factories is one of the best industrial interior design tips. Consider finding items from old or antique factories that can be repurposed for a functional living space with a maximum amount of authenticity.

Many new products are also available that are made to complement an industrial design, such as Edison lightbulbs. Exposed ductwork and metal cabinets can also create an industrial look and feel. Don’t be afraid to locate vintage items such as metal stools, photographs or other types of wall art, and other furniture or decor pieces that will complement the overall theme of your home. These are all also industrial kitchen ideas.

Distressed leather furniture can add yet another finishing touch to your industrial interior design. Your imagination can take you as far as you wish to go! Just remember that the end result should have the look and feel of rugged durability and functional practicality that has withstood the test of time.

5. Approach Decor with a Minimalist Mindset

Just as you should try to keep your layout as open and simple as possible, you should also approach industrial interior design with somewhat of a minimalist mindset. The space needs to be functional and comfortable to live in, but you should be sure to avoid décor that ends up appearing cluttered.

Following some of the tenets of minimalist interior design can help you avoid clutter with your industrial interior design. Functionality and practicality will be driving forces in your design and decorating. Keeping them very much at the forefront can help you end up with an authentic industrial design that makes a bold statement!

Industrial design is one of the most unique and entertaining ways to design the interior of your home. If you are interested in this type of interior design, it is important to start the conversation with an experienced home builder so that the layout and planning phase of your home can help to facilitate the design phase. Working with an experienced custom home builder with an in-house design/build process can help you get the look and feel you want in your custom home.

If you would like to begin planning your new custom home, we would be happy to guide you through each aspect of that process and help to make the experience an enjoyable one! Give one of our experienced representatives a call today at 717-284-4090!