Insulated Curtains: Effective, Affordable, and Clean

December 23, 2014

The idea of an insulated curtain can seem just too good to be true. We know that most insulation comes in the form of the fiberglass and foam insulation that is put inside our walls, but which costs a considerable amount of money; when it comes to windows, many windows are insulated by having expensive windows put in that help trap heat in or keep it out, as the case may be. But to just have a mere curtain do that work for you? It seems just too simple! And yet, it’s quite possible; insulated curtains are increasingly quite common among homeowners, and if you want to control your energy bills this winter, they are worth investigating for you too.

Many Ways to Insulate

Insulated curtains work in a number of different ways, depending on the make of the curtain; indeed, there are many ways that a curtain can insulate your home. First, by using a core layer of high-destiny foam that works to insulate your windows from any exchange of heat and sound between the interior and exterior of your home. Second, by using a vapor barrier to block the foam’s absorption of moisture. Third, to provide a layer of reflective film that can then deflect any heat back into your room, and finally, an outer layer of decorative fabric is overlain in order to provide an attractive appearance to your curtains. (Curtains fit for a space shuttle aren’t exactly ideal.)

Maintenance is Easy!

To top it all off, your insulated curtains require very little in the way of maintenance. You’ll want to keep them from having any moisture in the vapor barrier, which can in turn allow mildew to develop, so open them up on occasion to get some fresh air through the insulation. Clean out the curtains themselves with spray, such as spray-on upholstery cleaner, and then use a vacuum to finish the job. If necessary, you can have the dry-cleaned, even, so long as it is non-immersive. Effective, affordable, and easy to care for – it’s hard to find an energy-saving strategy quite like that!