Is Insulated Vinyl Siding Worth The Additional Cost?

March 27, 2014

When it comes to siding your home there are a few different things to keep in mind, the first is of course insulation. Insulated siding is a fairly new concept and can be helpful in a few different ways while also being a hindrance. It is important to keep a few different issues in mind when choosing your siding, insulated or not. These issues can help you decide if insulated vinyl siding is worth the extra money.

Insulated Vs. Non-Insulated

The first issue to contend with is, of course, the amount of insulation in your own home. It is likely, that if you have a newer home, there is plenty of insulation in your home making insulated siding non-essential. Though it is not essential, it can help keep your home in great shape. The overall idea of insulated siding is to add an extra level of insulation to your home to help cut down heating and cooling costs and to help keep heat and cooling from escaping your home. Non-insulated siding is often cheaper than insulated siding but if you need to add extra insulation after the siding is put up, it may be beneficial to go for the insulated siding to begin with.

Is it Worth it?

After of course considering how well your home is insulated, you may also want to think about how much money you have to spare and how likely it is that your home needs the extra insulation. For those that have a bit of money to throw around, insulated siding is not a horrible investment. Even if your home is well insulated, the extra insulation can help to decrease heating and cooling bills in the long run and can prevent insulation failure. For those that do not have the extra money lying around, non-insulated siding still offers a bit of insulation and protection against the elements, and you can always have extra insulation added after installation.

If you have questions about the insulation in your home or siding in general, it is always best to talk to a professional. Some companies offer breaks for those that buy insulated options and for those that work to make their homes more energy efficient. It is always helpful to talk to the person installing your insulation to see if there are any price cuts for certain types of insulation making insulated options more affordable.