9 Interior Design Trends of 2024

December 22, 2023

Trends come and go. Some stay classic, some go out of style, and some cycle back into popularity. It can be tough to keep up with it all. Plus, there are often so many options to choose from that deciding on home decor can be overwhelming. Even if you just want to add a few items for a new look instead of making over a whole room, here are a few interior design trends of 2024 to help inspire you:

farmhouse living room with fireplace1. Warm and Cozy Elements

The past few years have continued to see warmth and coziness taking center stage. Hygge has truly become a classic and popular interior design, and it continues to be one of the popular interior design trends into 2024.

Whatever helps create a space that is warm, welcoming, and comfortable for you is in with this trend. This also allows for a lot of flexibility and options because it’s personal and can vary from person to person. And, you can include those personal touches even in areas meant for socialization. Merging personal cozy touches with social areas is one of the ideas for hygge living room decor.

Some of the ways this trend is showing up are in rounded furniture with soft curves and deep seats, lush and soft textiles, nature-inspired elements and shapes, and more. Hygge or elements of it are also being combined with other styles for a cozier take on modern, contemporary, farmhouse, and more. Essentially, you want to create a cozy hygge room that feels like a warm hug and is one you truly enjoy spending time in.

freestanding tub in master bath2. Wellness and Self-Care Themes

Connected to the popularity of hygge along with other factors, wellness and self-care are themes that continue to pop up in interior design. In addition to comfortable design and details and a focus on relaxation, this interior design trend focuses on health and self-care.

This could be something like focusing on bathroom design and creating a relaxing bathroom retreat. This could include small elements like heated towel racks and ambient lighting or larger design choices like soaking tubs or heated bathroom floors. You could even find yourself evaluating the pros and cons of in-home saunas!

Other ways this interior design trend is popping up is in dedicated home offices to allow for flexibility as well as more separation for better work-life balance or designing a workshop or a craft room for a creative hobby. A home gym or upgraded backyard to allow for easier movement and more activity are also popular options for this trend.

master bedroom with yellow walls and white trim3. Light and Warm Colors

Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. There are always a variety of colors across the spectrum that are popular. Although there is always a place for cooler tones, one of the popular interior design trends of 2024 is to focus on lighter, warmer colors, especially in the pink and peach pastel categories.

A popular pairing for these peachy tones and other warm colors in 2024 are browns, from lighter golden beige to darker mahogany and more. When it comes to color, you have a lot of flexibility. From bold monochromatic themes to subtle touches to add a pop of color, the opportunities to incorporate different colors or combinations of colors are practically endless.

bedroom with blue walls and white trim4. Blue Hues

A range of blues tends to consistently pop up in interior design trends year after year. Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 was Classic Blue. Although 2021’s color was more of a gray, various hues of blue were on-trend in 2021. Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri, was a periwinkle hue that bridged the gap between blue and purple.

Although the 2023 Color of the Year was a vivid magenta hue and 2024’s is in the peach category, blue hues are still some of the most popular colors. Because blue is a versatile color that can fit seamlessly into several color palettes and design themes, you’re bound to be able to find the perfect shade for the look you want. And, you can rest assured that some version of blue will continue to be popular throughout various interior design trends.

Blues That Match a Specific Design Theme

From darker navy to soft, baby blues and electric aqua, there are tons of options to choose from that can help you create several looks in your home. Naval tones can help you create a nautical look or something with an elegant and contemporary feel. Navy can work well as a wall color. If you don’t want to cover all of your walls, it does well as an accent wall too.

open concept dining room and kitchenBright Blues to Make Something Stand Out

On the other end of the spectrum is aqua, which is a bright, electric hue that is meant to stand out. Although this color could be too much on an accent wall, a few touches of this color in your decor can help items stand out and add an interesting layer to a room.

Blue Hues in Decor to Support the Overall Room Design

Blue hues can also take a more supporting role in a room’s color palette and are a great fit for decor. Curtains, throw pillows, area rugs, lampshades, art prints, etc., and even furniture, in blue hues that complement your other colors can add a touch of this interior design trend to a room without making more permanent or larger changes. With both soft colors and bright, bold colors being popular home decor trends, it’s hard to go wrong, especially when including small touches here and there.

custom wood flooring in foyer and view of second floor staircase5. Natural Elements

Eco-friendly design and a focus on sustainability is a movement that continues to gain momentum and popularity. So much so, that there are even established eco-friendly design trends.

That, paired with organic and natural trends, continues to inspire interior design trends that include natural elements. Wood, metals, concrete, marble, terracotta, stone, clay, and more are all materials that tend to show up in various ways, including in different types of farmhouse styles and other styles.


When it comes to natural elements, wood is a popular choice. It’s versatile in the ways you can use it and in the variety of colors, grains, etc. that are available.

From bookcases and furniture to smaller decor accents and more, there are many ways to incorporate natural wood into your custom home. Continuing in 2024, warm woods, both light and dark, take the spotlight.

kitchen with copper accentsCopper and Brass

Although wood or granite furnishings are a classic choice and tend to be a safe bet, this trend is bringing more materials into the spotlight like concrete, stone, copper, and brass. Incorporating brass is one of the fall mantel decor ideas that can help your fireplace decor stand out.

Brass or copper accents can also make your home decor in other areas pop. They are versatile metals that are available as sinks, pots, pans, piping, faucets, bathtubs, and even walls. Copper countertops are even an option.


Concrete is another versatile material that has continued to gain popularity in interior design over the past couple of years. Interior concrete walls, tables, or even furniture or floors add a natural, and sometimes industrial, look to your home. There are several ways to incorporate concrete into your custom home design and many of them can be applied to other materials as well.

great room with fireplace6. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an urban planning and community development concept that has crept into residential interior design as natural, organic elements have continued to gain popularity. This interior design trend focuses on connecting people and nature within a space and blending interior and exterior influences seamlessly.

Although you can incorporate some biophilic interior design by decorating with houseplants, this trend goes beyond that. Featuring plenty of natural materials and greenery is just a start. Taking this design trend further means designing spaces with nature in mind, designing outdoor spaces with interior comfort, and even merging interior and outdoor spaces as much as possible.

7. Sustainable Materials

Along with natural elements and nature-inspired materials and shapes, another interior design trend continuing to be popular in 2024 is a continued focus on sustainable materials. Although this can overlap with some natural elements, these sustainable materials tend to focus more on solutions for reusing plastic or new innovative materials entirely.

Recycled or Upcycled Bioplastic

Whether it’s furniture, walls, counters, flooring options, and more, bioplastic materials and repurposed materials that reuse things and have a low impact on the environment will be how you can incorporate this trend into your home.

Seaweed Fiber

Similarly to how bamboo started to gain traction as an innovative and sustainable material, seaweed fibers are starting to pop up more and more. Seaweed fibers have been used to create special types of plaster and a few decor items, including lamps. Between the two, bamboo still makes a better floor, but you could see natural seaweed fibers become more common as an element of different materials.

8. Multifunctional and Convertible Furniture

Multifunctionality is one of the patio furniture design trends and is popular inside as well. Multifunctional and convertible furnishings continue to be a popular interior design trend. Not only is multifunctional furniture sensible, but it also usually ends up adding an intriguing design element to your home decor.

With more and more people spending more time at home, and working at home, it’s even more important for everything to serve a purpose and flow well. This trend focuses on compact furnishings that have the ability to adapt to different spaces and needs while maintaining style and function. These items can also be key to designing flex rooms in your custom home.

But, it’s not just about making the most of a small space, this trend is also about genius and interesting designs, which is why it’s also one of the useful and creative ideas for shared kid’s rooms. Furniture with hidden storage and convertible or expandable tables are great examples of this interior design trend that continue to be popular into 2024.

You can easily incorporate this design trend into a room with an ottoman, couch, or bed with built-in storage or a small table with hidden compartments or drawers and the ability to expand to a larger surface as needed. Beds and furniture with built-in storage are also bedroom design trends and are good ways to get more storage in your bedroom design as well.

gallery wall above a fireplace9. Statement Pieces

It seems like no matter what year it is, statement pieces are one of the popular interior design trends. The great thing about this interior design trend is that the options are practically endless. Almost anything can be a statement piece that anchors the room, draws the eye, and gives you a focal point to decorate around.

Statement pieces can be furniture in a unique shape, color, or material. Your statement piece could be a statement ceiling, a gallery wall, a set of interesting decor, and more. Statement ceilings are a great focal point that draws the eye up.

Animal prints or luxurious materials, like velvet, can also create a statement piece or take one to the next level. Glass can also become a statement piece, especially if it is textured glass. Even accent walls can be statement pieces if you want to design a room to make the accent wall a focal point. The rise in popularity and a wide variety of options for kitchen accent wall ideas are proof of this.

maximizing space in a small room - sitting room with olive walls and wooden ceilingStatement Ceilings

There are many types of ceilings; some of which work better as statement ceilings than others. With statement ceilings, it’s common for the walls to stick to a somewhat plain and basic design to allow for the ceiling to really pop. Textured ceilings, tray ceilings, painted ceilings, and more are all included in this design trend.

You can also try out different ceiling design ideas, like adding a pop of color and interesting design to a standard ceiling with some paint, using wallpaper, updating lighting fixtures, or even getting creative with molding.

Using wallpaper on the ceiling or near it to highlight are some wallpaper trends. The right combination of elements for your statement ceiling can make a room feel brighter, lighter, and more memorable without overwhelming your decor.


Incorporating a touch of luxury and comfort into your home continues to be on-trend; in addition to being modern bedroom ideas, they have also become so popular that they have become interior design trends in their own right – Luxe and Hygge. Luxe is all about adding rich, luxurious elements to your home decor while hygge is all about what you like and find comfortable.

Velvet is a material that covers both of these areas and can help make a statement piece even more impactful. Plus, velvet is the perfect material for adding some luxurious comfort to your home decor. Velvet sofas, throw blankets, pillows, and more are all ways to incorporate this trend into a room.

kitchen with wood and glass upper cabinetsTextured Glass

As technology advances, so do the methods available for creating new finishes on various materials. This has contributed to glass becoming one of the more popular material trends over the years. When it comes to textured glass, this means there are even more options available and plenty of ways to use it in your home.

Tempered glass showcases irregular veins, tends to have a marble-like pattern, and is a popular choice. It’s most commonly found as a tabletop, but you can also incorporate it as a top for other surfaces. Whether a coffee table or a side table, textured glass as the tabletop can make it pop as a statement piece.

You can also go smaller and add just a touch of this design trend with textured glass coasters, decorative bowls, and more. Although they don’t have to be big, these decorative details and statement pieces are features to consider in custom home construction.

detail of metal stair railingsSculptural Art

Sculptural art, especially on the wall, is a popular way to make a statement in 2024. This gives you the opportunity to not only play with shapes, but also to play with material. Sculptures are not just stone; metal, lightweight metal, fabrics, other textiles, and more can all be used to create sculptural art. This is also one of the formal living room ideas that can elevate an entire room design.

Plus, it’s common to mix multiple materials and mediums in a variety of creative ways. Sculptures in addition to frames and backing for other types of art are ideas for decorating with corrugated metal. Lightweight metal like this as a frame or backing for a different art medium can be a great way to mix materials for this sculptural art interior design trend.

Although it can be large and attention-grabbing, sculptural art doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge, heavy sculpture. It could be simple and subtle as well, like a painting that uses embroidery to add texture and a slight 3D aspect. You can even implement aspects of sculptural art into lighting fixtures with interesting shapes and details. Another option is sculptural details in staircases, stair railings, table legs, and other subtle areas. This is a common option when incorporating wrought iron into different areas.

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