Guide to Interior Stone Veneer in Your Custom Home

December 26, 2013

People have been using stone veneer to enhance the look of their home’s exterior for quite some time. It’s still a popular exterior trend for custom homes. But, stone veneer can also be used inside your home. Here’s a quick guide to interior stone veneer in your custom home to inspire you:

What is Interior Stone Veneer?

Interior stone veneer is manufactured to mimic the look of natural stone. It’s a mix of Portland cement, natural stone elements, and other components. Stone veneer offers the look, shape, and texture of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there is no shortage of ways you can use this product to create a totally unique look in almost any room in your house.

4 Benefits of Using Stone Veneer

There are many types of stone veneer and styles to consider for your custom home for exterior and interior use, and benefits too. Here are a few benefits of using stone veneer inside your home:

1. Stone Veneer is Customizable

Stone veneer can be manufactured to reproduce almost any type of stone wall. Not only does this give you a wide variety of options to create an exquisite design, but it is also flexible, which allows you to get creative with how and where you use it inside your home.

2. It’s Easier to Install

Part of the attraction to manufactured stone over natural stone is that it is less expensive. Stone veneer has a lightweight construction and design, which means it is easier to transport to your home, bring into your home, and install. Plus, you can get more creative with placement and arrangements with stone veneer and even install it over curved surfaces.

3. Stone Veneer Works Well With Several Materials

Interior stone veneer is one of the popular material trends and it works well with a variety of materials. It is compatible with almost all contemporary wall materials including wood, metal, cement, brick, and others. And, because it also tends to pair well aesthetically with these materials, you can mix and match to get the look you want.

4. It is Durable and Easy to Clean

Stone veneer is durable, easy to clean, and often heat-resistant as well. It doesn’t require any special cleaners or polishes to keep its appearance, so it is easy to maintain.

Because it is constructed of hard, durable material, stone veneer can withstand pressure, shocks, and heat without chipping, cracking, or fading. Adding a sealant helps it withstand moisture in high-humidity rooms like the bathroom.

How to Decorate With Interior Stone Veneer

You can choose stone veneer in an array of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors to give you just the look you want. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate with interior stone veneer:

1. Choose a Color That Blends

Because stone veneer can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors, textures, and more, you have a lot of options to choose from. Similarly to choosing a paint color or a color palette, you want to make sure you choose a color for your interior stone veneer that blends in with the look and feel of the room.

2. Highlight a Fireplace

Interior stone veneer can be the perfect choice to highlight a fireplace, especially if you’re going for a farmhouse look in your custom home. You can use stone veneer to simply surround the fireplace or you can extend it up to create a column for your fireplace. You can even extend out horizontally to create a fireplace wall. There are a lot of options with this versatile material, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

3. Use it as an Accent Wall

Aside from highlighting a fireplace, one of the most common ways to use interior stone veneer is to create a distinct accent wall. The purpose behind this concept is to create a wall that appears to be made of stone without having it completely dominate the setting.

All four walls done in stone veneer can easily overwhelm a room, but one wall as an accent can add flavor and uniqueness to the existing decor in the room. And, you can do this in just about any room of your home. The right stone veneer looks great in a dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

4. Create a Divider Wall

A divider wall can be a great way to create some separation between spaces without completely closing them off. You can use a variety of materials for a divider wall and stone veneer is one of them. Depending on the location, size, design, etc., a divider wall can also become an accent wall.

5. Upgrade a Kitchen Island

You don’t have to use a lot of stone veneer in your home to make a statement. It can be a whole wall or it could be something simple as upgrading the look of your kitchen island. The entire base of your kitchen island can be covered with stone veneer. If your island has a split-level counter, you can use stone veneer to highlight the space between them for a unique look.

6. Make it a Kitchen Backsplash

Stone veneer can also be used as a kitchen backsplash. Because it’s heat-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, it’s a great option for this area. A sealant can help further protect it from moisture and humidity. And, because it’s so customizable, you can create pretty much whatever look you want for a variety of kitchen backsplash ideas.

7. Frame a Doorway

You can even use interior stone veneer to frame a doorway. Depending on how big you decide to go and the style of the stone veneer, you can create a dramatic doorway or just add some highlighting and texture to the area.

If you’re considering stone veneer for your custom home, this guide to interior stone veneer can help you start figuring out how you want to use it. Partnering with a custom home builder who has an in-house design/build can help you work through options and ensure you get the custom home you want. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!