Why Use Wrought Iron in Your Home?

November 4, 2014

You have a nearly endless number of possibilities as far as building materials are concerned for your home. Yet those options go beyond mere building materials; the materials used for the details within your home are also practically limitless. From the wood used for your flooring and trim to the glass used for windows to the fixtures for lights, switches, electrical outlets, and more, all can be customized and fitted with whatever materials and details you desire. In the modern age, this most often means plastics of some kind or another, or some other polymer that is cheap, easy to mold, and easy to install. Yet nothing can really beat the classics, and that includes wrought iron.

The Beauty of Wrought Iron

You don’t often see wrought iron fixtures in a home these days. More often you see brass, steel, or some other composite metal that is affordable and easy to work with. Yet iron has long been in use, and a home that employs it for railings, knobs, and anything else that metal could be used for tends to take on a more classical, Victorian look, harkening back to the days when things were “made to last,” as wrought iron so often is.

Wrought Iron Today

Wrought iron has the added benefit of weight. Most metals, when used in the home, are actually quite lightweight. This helps to keep the cost of transportation down, cost savings that is then passed on to the consumer, but you often get what you pay for; this lightweight metal can seem ephemeral, barely there, and might as well not be a metal at all. When you get wrought iron in your home, you and your guests will know that you’re handling something heavy, something with heft and weight and presence. Iron has that unique feel and look about it.

The look that wrought iron offers to your indoor fixtures is even better when worked with appropriate detail and finesse. When iron is shaped using curves, twists, and flourishes, you can end up with some truly astounding pieces, made all the more so thanks to the natural look that iron offers. Few metals offer so much at so little cost, but iron delivers!