14 Popular Kitchen Design Trends of 2024

February 27, 2024

Trends come and go. Instead of trying to keep up with endless changes, use current trends as inspiration to find design and decor elements you like in order to create a look and feel you will enjoy. Whether you are thinking about the kitchen in your custom home design or are just starting to think about your dream home, here are a few popular kitchen design trends of 2024 to inspire you:

blue glass pendant lights over kitchen island1. Marble

Marble tends to be a popular kitchen design trend year after year and continues to be one of the kitchen design trends of 2024, especially strongly veined marble, like Calacatta. Calacatta marble is like Carrara marble, but tends to be showier and helps create a bolder aesthetic. Even black marble is popping up as a way to incorporate black into your kitchen design with a luxe touch.

Marble is one of the popular kitchen countertop materials due to its elegant look and durability. Calacatta marble tends to have strong, pronounced veining that stands out. With this type of kitchen countertop, you’re adding a graphic, unique, and bold aesthetic to your kitchen. Plus, it comes in both cool and warm tones. So, you’ll be able to match marble countertops to what you want in the rest of your kitchen design.

kitchen with quartz countertops and white cabinets2. Quartz

Quartz is another popular countertop material. Although there are pros and cons of quartz countertops, it often fights marble and granite for the top spot. In 2024, white shades of quartz and shades similar to marble seem to be the most popular. But, if quartz is the material you choose, you can’t go wrong with the shade of it as long it fits in with the rest of your kitchen design.

3. Tile

In addition to marble, tile is also a popular kitchen design trend. Marble tile is an option, but tile is also available in a wide variety of materials. In 2024, tiles with a chrome finish are starting to pop up! Plus, tile is versatile, so the opportunities to use it are nearly limitless. Additionally, there are several ways to incorporate tile accents into your custom home design if you don’t want to commit to a lot of it.

You can go more conventional and use tile as a kitchen backsplash, but you can also do so much more than that. Glazed tile can give your backsplash a shiny finish. Tile can be extended to the ceiling for an interesting look. This is one of the ceiling design ideas.

Getting creative with the ceiling is one of the luxury kitchen design ideas that can also complement several other styles. Some kitchen designs forgo upper cabinets to continue the backsplash around the room, which can create an interesting look while also making the kitchen look larger.

4. Unconventional and Upcycled Materials

Sustainability and a focus on eco-friendly materials team up with creative repurposing in this kitchen design trend. Thinking outside of the box to upcycle and repurpose materials in new and interesting ways is still on-trend. Also on-trend is using unconventional materials in the kitchen.

This eco-friendly design trend has been seen in brass sheets used in countertop applications or as kitchen backsplashes. Faux leather-wrapped cabinets or using metallic mesh in cabinets are other ways this creative and unique kitchen design trend shows up.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to implement this trend. So, if you’re not looking to get too adventurous, you can focus on things like reclaimed wood and other raw, natural materials to get this trend in your custom home’s kitchen.

kitchen with island5. Sleek, Simple, and Minimalist Looks

Although maximalism has its place and is still popular for some people, minimalism remains popular in interior design and in kitchen design. Sleek and simple kitchens with a few specific focal points continue to be a popular kitchen design trend in 2024.

Aside from a relaxing atmosphere and fiercely functional kitchen, this trend is all about letting a few elements stand out by keeping everything else simple. Flat-paneled millwork with minimal detail allows unique cabinet materials or other interesting design details to shine and is a popular element in this design trend. Flat-front cabinets are also one of the mid-century kitchen design ideas and work with a variety of other styles too.

Concealed kitchens where the cooking area is designed to blend in so the focus is on entertaining are an offshoot of the popularity of minimalism. With concealed kitchens, the focus is still on an open plan and a simple, sleek look; it’s just done in a way that allows the standard kitchen elements to blend into the background instead of being the focal point. These are just a few minimalist kitchen design ideas to consider for the kitchen in your custom home.

6. Soft Shapes and Rounded Edges

Rounded accents, soft shapes, and arches continue to be some popular kitchen design trends of 2024. Curved cabinets featuring arches or rounded edges are some ways this trend is popping up.

Arched doorways leading into the kitchen or into kitchen pantries, kitchen islands with a curved side, arched windows, kitchen tables and seating with rounded edges, and more are all ways to incorporate this kitchen design trend.

7. Built-In Pet Areas

People love their pets and there are plenty of pet-friendly custom home design ideas that help showcase that, including design trends for the kitchen. This kitchen design trend is all about dedicating a section of the kitchen for your pets. This trend usually ends up being something like a feeding and pet supply station for dogs.

Alcoves under your kitchen cabinets in one area or in a kitchen island can house dog bowls while also providing a raised feeding area for your dog. The cabinets and drawers around it can often be used to store food and other pet supplies. This pet-focused kitchen design trend may not be for everyone, but for some pet owners, it could be the perfect fit.

custom tile backsplash in kitchen8. Large, Artistic Backsplashes

Although minimalist looks are a popular kitchen design trend, it’s also still on-trend to go bold and make a statement. Choosing a kitchen backsplash that fits well with everything else can enhance the look and feel of the room by subtly supporting the overall design or it could be the focal point.

Large-scale backsplashes with elaborate designs or using unique materials are kitchen backsplash ideas that are popping up more often in kitchen design. These often artistic backsplashes are meant to stand out, be a focal point, and make a statement. Using chrome as a kitchen backsplash and matching it with other hardware is one of the chrome interior design ideas.

They may also end up paired with statement lighting and textures to create a unique kitchen design that is a feast for the eyes and truly stands out. Distinctive light fixtures are one of the modern kitchen design ideas that can help you enhance your kitchen and complement this trend.

9. Smart Kitchen Technology

Smart kitchens that seamlessly integrate technology from the ground up continue to become more popular as technology continues to evolve. Many sensors, devices, and other smart home technology for your kitchen can be added after the fact. But, more and more often, kitchens are being designed with this technology in mind.

Motion-sensor kitchen faucets and trash cans and programmed coffee makers are just the start. Updated and upgraded lighting systems that allow you to control every aspect from your phone, refrigerators that notify you when you are low on certain items, and more are all popping up in this kitchen design trend. No matter which options you choose, clean & clever integrations are one of the kitchen trends that will never go out of style.

kitchen with island and bar10. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

There are many ways to use a kitchen island. Depending on their design, kitchen islands have always been a way to add prep space, more seating, more storage, etc. to a kitchen. One of the popular kitchen design trends that continues to be popular in 2024 is for kitchen islands to become larger, single-level, and multipurpose statement pieces.

There are several benefits of kitchen islands, including more prep space, more storage, and of course, multipurpose functionality. Often, this trend shows up in a large kitchen island that features prep space and cabinet or shelf storage on one side and bar seating on the other with plenty of counter space for everyone.

Sometimes, this trend pops up as a double island where, instead of one large kitchen island, there are two with space to move between them both! Creating a solid work surface is one of the restaurant design ideas for your kitchen. A well-designed kitchen island can easily become the perfect additional work surface and can even provide extra functions too.

kitchen11. Organization as Decor

Great kitchen organization can help keep your kitchen looking great. In 2024, one of the kitchen design trends continues to be to make your organization visible and beautiful so it doubles as decor.

Part of this trend is to add more storage to your kitchen design in a way that enhances it and makes sure everything has its place and nothing is left out. Similar to minimalism, everything serves a function and has its place.

Another part of this trend is finding ways to organize some items in a visible display that adds to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. This could be hanging pots and pans neatly in front of the backsplash or above a kitchen island, displaying knives or spices on a magnetic strip, and more. These are also ideas to use bright colors in your kitchen.

view of kitchen with island from living room12. Open-Concept Flow

Another one of the kitchen design trends that continues to be popular is extending the kitchen and creating an open-concept flow that includes surrounding areas. There are many benefits of open-concept floor plans, including easier movement and flexible layout.

This is also one of the white kitchen design ideas that works with other kitchen styles as well. Even if it is not a traditional open-concept layout, this kitchen design trend still focuses on an open-concept flow. In this way, the design goes beyond the kitchen itself and extends to include pantries, dining rooms, mudrooms, and more.

The goal is not for the space to become an extended kitchen, but for the spaces to blend and flow together openly despite different functions. A well-designed kitchen is always on-trend and is one of the important features to consider in custom home construction.

13. Plenty of Light

The right lighting options have always been a top kitchen design trend. A mix of task lighting, spot lighting, and natural light can help you get the light you want in your kitchen. In 2024, natural light via expansive windows is on the rise. This trend is showing up in picture windows to allow more natural light into the kitchen. In some kitchen designs, windows take the place of upper cabinets to bring in more natural light.

Another way this trend is popping up is through window walls that slide open or slide into pocket walls to further merge and blend the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. If you enjoy dining and entertaining outdoors, this can be a way to design your kitchen for entertaining and make it easier to move between your kitchen and outdoor living space.

14. Back Kitchens

“Back kitchens”, sculleries, and butler’s pantries are not new concepts and have popped up in residential home design before. In 2024, back kitchens are back. These are secondary kitchens that are often located behind the main kitchen area and act as an extension of it. Although this does extend the square footage needed for the kitchen area, it can be a good solution for people who have busy kitchens with several people like large families or people who entertain often.

Often, these areas are used for a more discrete or private prep area. They also tend to have storage features to handle storage for lesser-used small appliances and other items. Depending on your needs and kitchen layout, a back kitchen could have a sink for handling extra cleanup or prep, a second fridge or freezer, and more storage.

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