6 Common Kitchen Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

January 5, 2021

Organizing and maintaining your kitchen can be a big task. Having enough storage and a good system in place can help make it easier, but mistakes can make things more difficult. Here are a few common kitchen organizing mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1 – Never Thinking About What You Need to Store

If you never take a minute to think about what you need to store, you may end up putting things wherever they fit. This is not a great way to organize kitchen appliances or cabinets, or get the storage you need in your kitchen design. Although it may be easy and quick at the moment, it can quickly lead to you running out of space because nothing is stored efficiently or never being able to find what you need.

There is also the frustration of having to search through things or move other things out of the way to get to what you need. On top of that, if you’re thinking about the kitchen in your custom home, you won’t have a good idea of how to plan kitchen storage if you don’t think about what you need to store in the first place.

Mistake #2 – Keeping Things You Don’t Use or Need

Keeping things you never use or no longer need is often the leading cause of clutter, lack of storage, etc., and it is one of the most common kitchen organizing mistakes to avoid. Between birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, and impulse buys, you can end up with a lot of kitchen supplies and gadgets you don’t need.

Having enough storage is one of the kitchen must-haves, but having too much stuff is a common mistake that can often make you feel like you never have enough storage. A good way to start is to donate any duplicates you don’t need. Then, you can seriously consider whether you need that super-specific gadget that you haven’t touched in the several years you have owned it.

From there, it’s just a matter of going through what you have. If it’s something you haven’t used in several months or for over a year, think about whether you actually need it. You may be surprised at how much storage space you free up and how organized your kitchen becomes.

Mistake #3 – Not Thinking About How You Use the Kitchen

Thinking about how you use the kitchen and storing things where they are within convenient reach are some practical kitchen organization tips. When thinking about the types of kitchen design layouts and the overall design of a kitchen, workflow and foot traffic are essential considerations.

Having an idea of how you will move through the kitchen, areas that will be used the most, and more will help you determine the best layout for your kitchen. You’ll also have a better idea of where things should be, what you should include, and more.

Mistake #4 – Focusing on Only One Type of Storage

It may be tempting to focus on only one type of storage and try to fit everything into your kitchen cabinets. Although this can work for some people, it usually doesn’t work. Even with plenty of cabinet storage, you may still end up running out of room or having to store things inconveniently.

Instead of focusing on only one type of storage, you can play around with various types to get the right mix of storage for you. A pantry and a kitchen island in addition to your cabinets could be enough. You can also vary the kitchen cabinet styles throughout your kitchen to give you a different look.

Open shelves can work well with any style and a lazy susan can be a great addition to get more storage out of a corner. Using a variety of storage types is a great way to add more storage to your kitchen design and often helps you organize your kitchen better than focusing so much on only one type.

Mistake #5 – Choosing the Wrong Storage Containers and Solutions

Just as focusing on only one type of storage is one of the kitchen organizing mistakes, so is choosing the wrong storage containers and solutions. Things like open shelving, appliance garages, or a walk-in pantry are flexible enough that you can make them work.

But, trying to force baskets, bins, and containers that are all wrong for your setup into space you don’t have can make organization difficult. If you need to be able to easily see what’s in a container, opting for something in a solid color that is not transparent just adds an extra obstacle.

Mistake #6 – Ignoring Vertical Storage Opportunities

Another one of the common kitchen organizing mistakes is ignoring opportunities you have for vertical storage. Upper cabinets are a classic and traditional form of vertical storage, but they’re not the only option you have. A deep plate rail, hooks and racks, magnets, sliding shelves, and other vertical storage ideas for your kitchen can give you more storage and also help you organize things better.

These are just a few common kitchen organizing mistakes to avoid. Keeping these in mind as you think about your kitchen will help you stay on top of clutter, have things where you need them, and also make the most of the space you have.

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