7 Ideas to Bring Lake House Decor to Your Home

July 5, 2017

Lake houses are charming and evoke feelings of comfort. You don’t need to own one, however, to indulge in lake house aesthetics. You can bring all the splendor of those houses to your own home! Below are a few ideas to bring lake house decor into your home:

1. Hues of Blue

Hues of blue are the way to go when decorating. In particular, you will want to make sure that your home has navy and sky blue. These are staple colors that remind you of the outdoors, lakes and sandy shores. Cream colors go very well with this style as well. Try to keep it simple, and it will turn out surprisingly well.

2. Let in Light

Lake houses mean summer, and summer means light. Keep your windows and any sliding doors free of draperies so that you can invite as much sunlight in as possible. This will effectively brighten up your home. Open windows will also give a clear view of the outdoors, which is a nice change of pace after keeping holed up in the winter season.

3. Add Extra Seating

Summer is the time to invite friends over, and with a lake house comfort is the most important aspect. Add extra seating to accommodate your guests, and create a cozy space.

4. Create a Bar Cart

Add a bit of flair by making a bar cart. A bar cart is a simple and inexpensive way of showcasing drinks that can be easily moved from room to room. As the name suggests, it is a simple cart to be decorated to your liking filled with any drinks you may desire. To add to the decor of your home, we suggest a wooden cart in lighter shades.

5. Mix Motifs When Decorating

Sometimes, try to mix motifs when decorating. This will give your home an informal look. This will help guests feel less like they are visiting a ritzy luxury hotel, and be more at ease x. While not following a single theme, it will also make your decor unique, and stand out.

6. Maintain a Rustic Look

Keep away from any modern styled appliances or decoration. Maintaining a rustic look will allow you to foster that sense of the outdoors – regardless of where your home is truly located.

7. Add Personal Touches

Add personal touches in every room, even unexpected ones, such as the kitchen. Adding a family portrait will create a very personal sensation that keeps your home from feeling too methodical

For more inspiration, you can look up pictures online of some lakeside homes. You will see a pattern, some of which we have described above, but the most important thing of all is to focus on simplicity, comfort, and looking natural.