9 Great Things About Living in Lancaster

October 31, 2017

Lancaster is a growing area with plenty to see and do. With a bustling market, beautiful scenery, and a burgeoning nightlife, there is always something fun to discover.

Here is a short list of the popular locations and events that you can visit:

1. The Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum

The Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum focuses on representing colonial era Lancaster. Through farm equipment, clothing, cooking, and crafting, the museum offers their visitors a peek into the past. Specifically, into daily life during the late 1700s and early 1800s in Lancaster County. The museum is open to tours almost year round, from nine to five weekdays and noon to five on the weekends.

Landis Valley Village also has a plethora of events. A local favorite is the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire held every Mother’s Day weekend. During the event, you can stock up on plants for your garden, or enjoy the warm weather and tasty food. If you consider yourself a Civil War buff, you may also enjoy Civil War Days, which are held in July. You can learn about the customs and culture held during the Civil War era, and experience the food and military might of the time.

2. Lancaster County Central Park

Lancaster County Central Park has everything from beautiful hiking trails to a skate park. There is something for the whole family there. If you and your family enjoy picnics and swimming, there is a beautiful pool and creek you can enjoy.

You can also visit the garden of the five senses before heading home. There you will find a few favorites like lavender and thyme, while discovering new plants like Lamb’s Quarters and Lovage. If you want to learn more about the local flora and fauna, you may also want to visit Shut’s Environmental Library. Field guides and other materials are available that will teach you more about the nature around you.

3. First Fridays

Lancaster City hosts a celebration the first Friday of every month – called First Friday – that offers tasty food truck cuisine, street entertainment, discounted art gallery admissions, and live music in restaurants and bars.

First Fridays are held year round but are most popular during spring, summer, and fall. Stop by gallery row, enjoy Penny’s delectable ice cream, and people-watch in Binn’s Park. Afterwards, you can stay for a drink at The Pressroom or Tellus360, or enjoy an artfully crafted cocktail at ThistleFinch.

4. Fulton Opera House

Fulton Opera House is in the heart of Lancaster City, and offers the people of Lancaster mesmerizing musicals and dramatic productions year-round. Since it first opened its doors in 1852, the Fulton has risen to become a renowned theater with its beautiful architecture and complex history.

If you wish to see a show at the Fulton you can order a ticket online or at their box office. Their schedule is on their website, and the site offers discounted group rates and specials.

5. Central Market

Lancaster City Central Market is housed in a 120-year-old brick building full of local history and charm. In Central Market, you can find grass-fed meat, local dairy, delicious coffee, organic produce, and exotic herbs and spices.

If you are able to stop by the market, pick up a Mean Cup coffee and enjoy a scrumptious scone from Wendy Jo’s. You’ll leave energized, full, and happy, without breaking the bank.

6. HersheyPark

People around the world travel to Lancaster, just a short hop from Hershey, to learn what it means to be “HersheyPark happy”. For those who live here, we are able to experience the park almost year-round.

With the Giant Center offering hundreds of wonderful concerts, a regular theme-park schedule, as well as Halloween and holiday events, there is plenty to do! HersheyPark offers daily tickets, multiple-day passes, and season passes. You’ll be able find a way to experience the wonder of HersheyPark for the whole family!

7. Long’s Park

Long’s Park is a stone’s throw away from Lancaster City, and has a beautiful duck pond, petting zoo, and playgrounds that can be enjoyed all year. During the summer, they organize free Sunday concerts for families to enjoy while having homemade picnics. There are also plenty of food trucks selling local cuisine conveniently parked next to the amphitheatre.

They even host events in the fall. For example, Long’s Park Art Festival showcases local artists and provides the patrons with a variety of goods and food to experience. If you decide to attend the summer music series, or just want to throw a frisbee with your family, you’ll find that Long’s Park is the perfect place.

8. North Museum

The North Museum is a fun place for families to explore. Along with live reptiles and mammals, you can learn about fauna from around the world in the comfort of your own town. Your children can also play games and complete puzzles about dinosaurs and fossils.

If you appreciate the art of taxidermy, or wish to learn more about the local animals, you can visit the first floor. There you’ll find thousands of animals, fossils, insects, and other organisms that are interesting and complex.

9. Clipper Magazine Stadium

For local sports fans, Clipper Magazine Stadium can be the perfect place to grab a drink, relax, and watch a great baseball game. You can purchase season passes online, or at the box office, and merchandise as well. Be sure to visit for fireworks and other events as well.

With attractions like these and beautiful neighborhoods, Lancaster is a great place to live. Take a trip and experience Lancaster County – you may find out you don’t want to leave!