3 Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Tile

October 7, 2014

When you hear the word “luxury” in “luxury vinyl tile,” you think that this is something that you simply can’t afford. It’s not an unreasonable assumption; luxury is intended to mean elite, the best of the best, and something that isn’t necessary but simply very… nice. For a long time, when it came to luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, the average consumer didn’t have access to it; rather, commercial designers were using it regularly. These days, however, LVT has migrated over to the consumer side of things, and now you have the opportunity to bring this into your home.

LVT is manufactured differently for other vinyl products and can replicate the character, graining, and look of actual hardwood without the hassle of hardwood itself. Furthermore, your LVT can even resemble textured stone tiles that might as well be the actual thing for as close as they resemble stone tiles! Indeed, there are many benefits to using LVT.

1. Affordability

Hardwood is expensive, as is stone; that’s just an accepted fact, and so many choose to have neither and instead settle for a tile or vinyl or carpet that is just not what they really want. With LVT, you can get that wood or stone feel and look without having to pay those prices!

2. Maintenance

Who wants to deal with surfacing, sanding, varnishing, and more with their wood floor? Who wants to deal with scrubbing down stone tiles? Nobody, that’s who, and yet if you go with either of those more expensive options, you’ll also be putting in more effort to maintain them. Meanwhile, LVT can be cleaned simply by using a damp mop on it.

3. Variety

Because of the artificial nature of LVT, you can have it look, feel, and fit into just about anything! You have a countless array of options for your LVT, as opposed to hardwood, which is restricted to actual wood, and stone, which is restricted to actual stone. They are natural products and can’t be altered. LVT, on the other hand, is whatever you need or want it to be, from realistic to eerily perfect!