How to Make a Fairy Garden

May 2, 2017

Fairy gardens have been gaining popularity in the past couple years because of their charm, artistic nature, and that they are generally much easier to maintain than full-fledged gardens. It can be described as a miniature garden with little structures, plants, perhaps some pictures, and whatever your creativity will lead you to add. These can be made with the aid of kits, or you can make them completely from scratch. If you plan to make one, there are some basic necessities you need to cover. Here’s how to make a fairy garden:

1. Pick Your Container

A canister of sorts, preferably one the size of a lunchbox. Part of the charm and ease of a fairy garden is its size. They are small enough to easily maintain without much fuss, but still provide enough space that you can add decorative trinkets. These containers can be anything. A lunchbox, a pot, a tin can, etc., any container will do for your little companions.

2. Add Soil

Soil will be the next big component, after all, you will not be able to do much growing without it. Have it serve as the foundation of your garden so that flowers and plants can grow in any part of it, and around whatever, if any, structures you decide to add. If you plan on keeping your garden outside, make sure that it has some holes in it for drainage.

3. Choose Your Decor

From there you need to find your decor. Personalization is important throughout this entire process, but this is what will truly stand out. Nests, pebbles, caps, a pond, branches, leaves, toadstools, little houses or wells, bought or self-made can be placed in your garden. You can even make your own sign to go with it.

Do what your heart desires to make it a place that you would like to visit in person, to make it feel like it’s truly a place of wonder. When you think about how to decorate, view it not simply as a project to make it look pretty, but also think of it as something to make welcoming. If you were walking through it, would you want there to be paths? Would you want there to be places to sit?

In the end, the one who is most important to enchant is yourself. While there are many fairy garden models to be found online and in gardening magazines, feel free to branch off from the formula that they follow and add your own pizzazz to the garden. The fairies will certainly appreciate something new.