3 Tips for Making Your Home More Inviting This November

November 1, 2016

November is a wonderful time of year. There are crisp nights by the fire, hot cocoa, football, and Christmas is right around the corner. But if you have just bought your first home or have yet to decorate for November, the idea can be somewhat intimidating. Here are 3 tips for making your home more inviting this November and so you can have a cozy, happy home all winter long:

1. Warmth

It may seem kind of obvious but for some homeowners, it can be difficult to make your space feel warm and cozy. With simple touches, however, you can make your home inviting and comfortable. First off, you may want to switch up some of the blankets, throws, and textures in your home.

During the fall, switching bedding from light and airy cotton to warmer flannel can bring a cozy feel to the bedroom and make the chilly nights much more comfortable. You can also do the same in our guest room and living room. Just switching the blankets can often give it a completely different feel. If you use incense, you can replace it and go from soft and subtle to spicy and complex. Before you know it, your whole home will smell welcoming and sweet. If you do not want to use incense, you can use potpourri or room spray. Here is a great recipe for an autumn room spray:

Sweet and Spicy Room Spray

  • ¼ C alcohol (as a preservative, you can also use vodka)
  • 1 C distilled water
  • 3 to 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil
  • 3 to 10 drops of clove essential oil
  • 3 to 10 drops of orange essential oil

If you use one, this can also go in your essential oil diffuser!

2. Lighting

Lighting is very important no matter what time of year. This can make or break a home’s atmosphere. Be sure to arrange your year-round lighting to make your home warm and inviting for you and your guests. Then, you can play with lighting from candles, string lighting, and pendant lights. These can be moved, stored, or used all year depending on your preference. String lights can add a nice touch and you can use them all year in your bedroom, living room, and other areas. It makes for the perfect ambiance while reading or having a movie night.

3. Reduce Clutter

As always, you should work on keeping clutter to a minimum. This will give you more room to experiment with decorations and will keep your home from looking busy and uninviting. While you may not want to strive to be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, you should consider removing old junk mail from your coffee table and dusting around your bookshelf and television.