How to Make Your Home’s Facade Beautiful

May 11, 2017

The facade of your home is what you and your guests will see when they first arrive. It is the first impression of your home, and thus, perhaps the most important one. It is what you will see when you return after a long day’s work, or after being gone on vacation for a long time. That’s why you want to make it your own, make it something comforting, beautiful, and that has its own uniqueness. Here are some tips that you can follow to add that bit of extra charm to the entrance of your home.

1. Fresh Paint

With summer around the corner, a fresh coat of paint will liven up your home. It’s a simple method, but an effective one that will make it appear renewed and ambient. Painting a bright feature, such as a focal wall, in particular, will help it to stand out from the rest of your home, and give it a luminescent quality.

2. New Front Door

A new front door makes a remarkable difference and can make your home feel like something new. It is what allows you to pass into and out of your home every day, something you see countless times and barely registers because of how accustomed you have become to it. Something new to look at will be sure to invigorate you. Once you’ve updated the door, then you can explore ideas for fun front door decor.

3. Decorate Your Porch

Decorate your porch or stoop. Adding some greenery or adding flowers to your porch will bring yet more color to your facade. Dahlias, marigolds, peonies, zinnia, aster, and plumerias are just a couple of beautiful flowers that thrive in summer that will bring you vibrant colors and make your home welcoming.

If you grow them in pots you can give yourself a nice variety of different flowers of varying hues. Accompanying stone figurines will add just that more of a natural and artistic atmosphere to your porch.

4. Patterns Make You Stand Out

Think in patterns. If you have brickwork done, think of different ways in which you can angle or stack the bricks so they still serve their purpose, but do not look the same as every other brick building. Composite stone structures can give a rustic look that is beautiful on its own.

You can also try different compositions if you want to give your facade that extra pizzazz. Wooden structures can work just as well for this, and both, if used in a vertical pattern or overhang, can cast shadows that allow for creativity all its own.

Keep things compact. Centering your facade can allow you and visitors to take it all in at once, and it makes every bit of decoration all the more prominent for it. Sprawling facades give more chances for very empty spaces that will make your home look lonely.

In the end, these are just suggestions. What matters most, is what makes your facade say “welcome home.”