How to Make the Most of Limited Closet Space

April 8, 2014

Closet space has become an important selling tool for custom homes. Many houses today have elaborate closet systems that make the most of almost every square inch. If you don’t happen to own one of those custom homes, you can still make better use of your limited closet space with these tips:

The Do-It-Yourself Approach

If you are a hands-on type of person, there are some relatively simple things you can do right now.

Eliminate Clutter

The first and best place to start is by getting rid of items you no longer use or need. This includes any clothes that you may not have worn in the past 18 months. Odds are if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it can’t be important enough to take up space.

Create Shelving for Shoes

Shoes take up an extraordinary amount of floor space. Adding two of three shelves below hanging clothes can make much better use of that space.

Install a Second Hanging Bar for “Short” Clothes

Shirts on a hangar take less vertical space than a long dress. Create a two-story hanging system to double up on space.

Add a Higher Shelf

Look at the space above your highest shelf in your closet. There may be room for another shelf for rarely used items.

DIY Closet Systems

Just about every big-box home improvement store has a department that features various do-it-yourself closet systems. These generally are component type systems that may be made of vinyl covered wire or pressboard. You will need good measurements for your closets but making use of these systems can create lots of new space. You can approach this type of project section by section and closet by closet as time and budget allow.

Hire a Professional

Custom closets have become big business. It has spawned companies that specialize in the process. They come to your home, discuss your needs, budget, and they measure your closets. They will then create a plan specifically for you. This may not be an inexpensive option, but it will likely add to the value of your home.

Spring is a terrific time for a closet make-over. Depending on how much time, money and effort you want to put into the project, you could still have a closet a custom home is worthy of!