10 Master Bedroom Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 10, 2018

Of all the rooms in your custom home, the bedroom is the one that should be built just for you. A bedroom is where people spend most of their time, and is where you wind down from a long day and get some much-needed rest. As such, it should be designed in a way that suits your tastes and provides the safe haven you need to get a good night’s sleep. Comfort and tranquility are the name of the game when designing your bedroom. Your bedroom is yours, and you know your tastes and needs best. Here are some master bedroom ideas for your custom home to get you started:

1. Consider How You’ll Use the Room

It’s a given that you’ll sleep and rest in your master bedroom, but you also want to consider how else you’ll use the room. Will you need a sitting space to read, work, or just to relax? Do you plan to have a TV in the room? Do you want an open space to work out in the morning?

Sitting Area

If you have a large bedroom, having a small sitting area can be a wonderful place for you to read before bed or sip coffee in the morning. Have a small table with a seat or two. This will bring some coziness to your room and give you another place to relax at the end of the day.

Reading Nook

Having a reading nook or a meditation nook can add beauty and comfort to your bedroom. Place the nook close to a window with comfy pillows and blankets. If you can, add a small space for a teakettle. You may never want to leave!

Workout Area

Another one of the master bedroom ideas is to dedicate a portion of your bedroom to a small workout area. Whether you want to do some yoga in the morning and before bed, just have a convenient place to work with some hand weights, or something else, knowing how you might want to use this space is a big help in planning it out and determining how it will fit with the rest of the room.


Even if you have a home office, you may still want to have a small workspace in your master bedroom for reading, writing, getting some work done in the morning, drawing, coloring, etc. Just make sure you partition your work and sleeping areas as this will help you design your bedroom for better sleep and, hopefully, prevent the work you’re doing from interfering with rest.

However you might want to use your room after you wake up and before you go to sleep will help you narrow down master bedroom ideas and figure out how to best decorate the room for your needs. This will also help you block the room out into sections for a more natural flow and a less cluttered look and figure out the best lighting for your needs.

2. Choose the Right-Sized Furniture

It’s important to choose the right-sized furniture for your comfort and for your master bedroom. Knowing how else you want to use the room will help you identify what types of furniture you need and will help you plan out the right size for that furniture.

A huge, cushy bed can be a luxurious addition to a master bedroom, but it can overwhelm the room and make things feel cluttered if you also need to have armchairs, tables, a desk, a dresser, and more. It’s important to consider the size of your room and everything you want to have in it when picking out furniture to make sure everything will fit and look great.

3. Consider Bed Placement

Because most of your time in the bedroom is spent sleeping, your bed will likely be a focal point. This makes considering bed placement one of the best master bedroom ideas. You want to make sure it is comfortable and relaxing. The mattress, pillows, and blankets make a big difference in comfort level, but so does the placement of your bed in your bedroom. 

If you’re not a morning person, consider placing your bed away from the windows, so light doesn’t shine in your face. If there is no way around it, black-out curtains go a long way in keeping the sun out so you can sleep. Think about what else you’ll have in your master bedroom and make sure you have enough space to walk around without running into things. If you plan to have a desk and a reading area, make sure these areas don’t conflict with your bed placement.

4. Create a Natural Flow

Another one of the useful master bedroom ideas is to create a natural flow. When it comes to furniture, you can set it up in a natural flow. More specifically, you can build a path to follow as you move through the room. Creating a path not only makes it much easier to navigate your room, but it helps prevent an inadvertently claustrophobic setup.

It’s very tempting to fill your room with everything you love, but over time, too much stuff can feel suffocating. Knowing where you want to place the big items and what sort of path you want to create in your bedroom can help you design a space you will love spending time in.

5. Plan for Light and Ventilation

Another one of the master bedroom ideas is to plan for light and ventilation. Lighting is very important in any room and, as such, it’s important to consider your bedroom lighting design. Spending an extended period of time in dim rooms can exacerbate exhaustion and eye strain. Having a properly lit room will enhance visibility and improve your mood. It’s important to have an adequate number of windows to get enough sunlight as opposed to artificial light.

Windows will also give you fresh air when the weather is right. This helps properly ventilate your room to avoid stuffiness. Proper lighting and ventilation may seem like small details, but they make a big difference. Your mood will likely be remarkably improved overall. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure you have proper window coverings to block out the light while you are trying to sleep.

Windows provide yet another benefit – they give you a look at the great outdoors. A beautiful view is a source of entertainment and relaxation of its own. It can also be incredibly useful for knowing immediately what sort of weather you will be dealing with the moment you wake up. You can also have a door installed for a direct connection to the outside, whether to a patio or a small balcony. Glass paneled doors with curtains will ensure your privacy, while also providing air, light, and easy access to the sun and fresh air.

6. Focus on Your Walls

The walls are one of the most prominent parts of any room and you will be surrounded on all sides by them, even if one of them is mostly windows. If you don’t like the look of them, it could make you not want to spend time in your master bedroom and could also put a damper on your mornings. After all, who wants to wake up to drab walls that make them feel dreary? 

Knowing how you want to use the room and having a good handle on what you like will help you and your custom home builder create the right look for you. Simple, neutral walls could be the right choice for you. Or, you may prefer a bolder color or pattern. You may even want an accent wall or wall trim to give your walls some texture. Depending on what you do with your walls, you can also decorate with art prints, photos, and other things that will help you create the perfect personal atmosphere in your master bedroom.

7. Include Plenty of Storage

Another one of the most useful master bedroom ideas is to include plenty of storage. And, there are plenty of ways to add more storage to your bedroom design. One of the keys to getting the most out of your bedroom design is to decide how you plan to store most of your clothing. Will separate closets work best? Will you need additional closet drawers and shelving? Do you prefer chests of drawers and bureaus?

Or, do you need a mix of drawers, shelving, and a walk-in closet? A walk-in closet is every fashion enthusiast’s dream. This offers plenty of space for clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Not only does a walk-in closet give you plenty of storage space, but it also often displays it beautifully and conveniently.

Once clothing storage has been decided, then the rest of the room can be designed with as much or as little function as you want. You may have a lot of storage available if you have a walk-in closet, but you also want to include storage in other areas too. Bedside tables with drawers and cubes can provide extra storage without taking up extra space. A footstool or bench with a storage compartment can also increase your room’s storage capacity without affecting available space.

You may also be able to take advantage of the space under the bed as well, especially with the use of bed risers. There are plenty of options available and having enough storage will help you keep your bedroom clutter-free and stress-free while maintaining a more relaxing atmosphere.

8. Think About Other Items

Think about other items you’d like to have in your bedroom. Will the master bath be a room off of the master bedroom or in a different area of the house? Will you want space in the bedroom for a treadmill or other exercise equipment? How about bookshelves or storage for private files and papers? Do you spend enough time in the bedroom where you would want a television and a small home entertainment system? It’s your dream bedroom so the opportunities are limited only by your desires and your budget.

Fortunately, with wireless internet connectivity, wireless DVR, cable and satellite connectivity, and the ease of placement for electrical outlets during the construction process, being able to have everything you want in your master bedroom is easy. All that’s left is to pick the carpet, the wall colors, trim, and the drapes and you’re in great shape design-wise.

9. Don’t be Afraid to Indulge

Your master bedroom is a private space, a safe haven, and a room you will spend a lot of time in. It should be comfortable, so don’t be afraid to indulge and give yourself a sense of luxury.

Go for the luxurious linens, high-quality mattress, comfortable armchairs, and whatever else you want to have in the room. Indulging in high-quality, well-made, and comfortable decor will only help you create a calm, more relaxing, and stress-free master bedroom that you will cherish and look forward to spending time in. It can also help you design your bedroom for better sleep

If you’re going for a rustic, farmhouse, or modern farmhouse look, you can even include reclaimed wood in your bedroom decor. Using reclaimed wood as a backboard or as a piece of furniture can add a beautiful and rustic touch to your bedroom. If you are interested in having a rich and complex piece of nature in your master bedroom, reclaimed wood is a simple and stunning choice.

Don’t be afraid to take your time! Designing your master bedroom and getting everything you need can be daunting, and anticipation may make you want to rush through it. If you have a specific image in mind before beginning, then you will be well on your way to having your perfect bedroom, especially if you use these tips for designing your master bedroom.

10. Think About Including More Than One Master Bedroom Suite in Your Custom Home Design

When building a custom home, it’s not typical to include multiple master bedrooms – but not every home is typical. There are plenty of situations that demand having more than one master bedroom suite. Here are a few of the most common:

You and Your Spouse Have Varied Tastes

Planning out your dream home with a spouse might mean making a few compromises. For couples who have designed homes before, the process can be tiring. Instead of going through it again, some couples opt for separate master bedrooms.

It’s more common than you’d think. Couples who have been together for the long haul know that some alone time is essential. That, and getting some good, quality rest without a partner’s snoring.

You Need a Multi-Generational Home

For homeowners housing multiple generations, a second master suite is necessary. After all, no one wants to fight over the big room with their own parents. Having more than one master bedroom prevents the struggle, and all the social trappings involved.

Acting as a potentially self-contained apartment within your home, another master suite, or adding an in-law suite, allows other individuals the comfort of a “home within a home”. This is especially useful for those with aging parents who wish to care for them without impeding their independence.

You Want to Consider Renting Out Rooms in the Future

As you think about what you want out of your custom home, you may want to have the option to rent out a room or two in the future. If this is the case, another master bedroom or upgrading your custom home design to include an in-law suite is a good idea.

You’ll be able to use the space as you want. Then, when you’re ready to rent it out to someone, you have the space available to use as needed. Plus, you’ll know, and will be able to advertise that, the renter will have adequate bedroom space and, in the case of an in-law suite, some privacy as well.

These are just a few master bedroom ideas. A dream bedroom is something that can take some time to perfect, but in the end, it will be well worth it. Bedrooms are just one type of room in your custom home. Make sure you get the home of dreams by partnering with the right custom home builder. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get on the path to your dream custom home!