5 Maximalist Interior Design Ideas

July 11, 2019

Current and past interior design trends can be great sources of inspiration. Whether you are dreaming up details for your custom home or are thinking about how to refresh your current home decor, looking at trends can give you plenty of ideas to try. Here are a few maximalist interior design ideas to inspire you:

What is Maximalist Interior Design?

You’ve heard of minimalist interior design, but what about maximalist interior design? Instead of going for something simplistic and focused on just the basics, maximalist interior design is all about “more”. As opposed to the minimalist “less is more” sentiment, the motto of maximalism is “more is more”.

But, it’s not about clutter and mess. It may be about mixing textures and colors that would normally “clash”, but it’s also about matching up mismatched items in a way that still looks great. Maximalism is all about making the most of the space you have and “clashing stylishly”.

It is characterized by an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, and textures within a room that also still balances well with the overall design. Because it tends to be extravagant, strives for comfort, and also focuses on only adding decor that you love, there can be a lot of overlap between maximalism and the luxe and hygge interior design trends. Due to these characteristics, maximalism is also highly personalized as it is all about adding more of what you love.

5 Maximalist Interior Design Ideas

Because maximalist design is all about adding more and creating a chic, unique look by mixing elements stylishly, it can be easy to get wrong. Instead of clashing in a stylish way, poorly implemented maximalist design can just end up clashing horribly or looking cluttered.

It’s definitely a balancing act to hit the right amount of “more” without going overboard or having a room look like a random mess. Here are a few maximalist interior design ideas to consider when you want to make a “more is more” statement in your home decor:

1. Add More Artwork

An easy way to test out maximalism in your home with relatively minimal structural changes is to add more artwork to your walls and create a gallery wall. When it comes to maximalist interior design, the more artwork you display is generally better – as long as it is artwork you love.

At the risk of sounding a bit like Marie Kondo, you should only be adding decor that brings you joy. So, if you love pictures, paintings, posters, and more, don’t be afraid to display them and use the space on your walls to the fullest.

2. Load up on Color

Mixing and matching a bunch of colors is the foundation of maximalist decoration. You do still start with a basic color palette like you would with any decor or design approach. Then, you expand from there. There aren’t hard and fast rules with maximalist design, but there are some common themes that pop up.

For example, it’s common to see darker colors, like navy blue or black, show up on walls. From there, the wall is practically covered with artwork and the room is filled with bright and bold accents and patterns. Many times, this takes the form of brightly-colored furniture and accessories. But, it’s not always bright colors; sometimes it ends up being a mix of classic blacks, whites, and grays.

Opting for a maximalist approach overlaps with Art Deco bedroom design ideas. With so many options for color palettes that work, you may be able to find one that gives you a maximalist feel while also layering in elements from other styles.

3. Display All Your Books

The maximalist interior design trend is a great fit for book lovers. A wall of bookshelves, built-in bookshelves, side tables, and more stacked full of books fits right in with maximalist decor. You don’t want things to look cluttered or too random, but creating a place to stylishly display your personal library is a great way to add more of what you love to a room.

4. Integrate With Other Design Trends

One of the great things about the maximalist interior design trend is that it is versatile and works well with other design trends. Maximalism tends to pair well with luxe, hygge, bohemian style, Moroccan style, modernism, and more. Even though farmhouse design tends to focus on simpler looks, it can be paired with maximalism for a fresh perspective and a unique look.

Maximalism is all about adding more of what you love, so if you love the farmhouse look, boho look, or something else, you can pair the design trends together and create a truly personal, unique space. Bold accessories are one of the modern Victorian decor ideas and show up in a variety of interior design styles.

5. Play With Texture

You can have a lot of fun with texture in maximalist decor. Think about the textures you like to see and touch the most and then think about how you can incorporate them into your decor. If you love all things soft and fluffy, you can add a faux fur rug, velvet furniture or throw pillows, and more.

If you love the look of texture in other areas, you can add textured wallpaper to your walls or consider various types of horizontal wall trim to add some extra texture to your room. Smooth wood, glass, reclaimed wood, metal, and more can also be incorporated into a room or mixed with other textures for the look and feel you want.

Whether you’re sprucing up your custom home or are still creating it, these maximalist interior design ideas can help give you some inspiration for interior details. If you’re thinking about a custom home, partnering with the right custom home builder, especially one with an in-house design/build process, can help you handle all of the details and get exactly what you want. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to talk about your custom home and start bringing your dream home to life!