6 Tips For Maximizing Space In Small Rooms

February 25, 2014

Small rooms do not need to restrict your ability to use and enjoy the areas. With the right techniques, you can make small spaces fully functional while still have an open feeling. The trend towards mini or micro homes is providing many new solutions for comfortable living in smaller spaces.

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

To get the most out of your room, choose furniture pieces that do more than just one job. This is a great way to maximize space and is also one of the guest bedroom office combo ideas to help you create a flexible space.

Futons are a great example of comfortable seating that can double as a bed for an overnight guest. Recliners can provide relaxing seating while in use and take up less space than adding footstools for comfort. If you want a footstool, choose an ottoman that offers storage.

Use end tables that offer more than just top storage. Choose tables that provide at least one bottom shelf or get the most space with a dresser style. You may want to avoid a coffee table in a small living room for maximum floor space. However, if you really want one, choose a style that provides storage with shelving underneath. You can also select a trunk style for storing items you do not use frequently.

Corners are often ignored and in small rooms, you need to use every inch of space. Corner desks, hutches, built-in alcoves or sofa groups are the perfect solution to make use of this frequently wasted area.

2. Go Up

Small rooms do not always allow the space you need for everything you want in your room. Think about the vertical area you have and make the most of it. Instead of a table with a lamp, use wall or ceiling mounted light fixtures. Try elegant and modern track lighting styles to focus light exactly where it is needed.

For a truly custom home look, have a bookshelf built-in to a wall.  You can use the entire wall or just a section of it. The shelving does not need to be deep, taking up precious floor space; it just needs to be functional. You can take this a step further by building bookshelves above a sofa or entertainment center.

Use high-mounted shelving for plants and art objects. Higher shelves are a perfect choice for keeping art out of the way to avoid accidental bumping. Plants can also be hung from ceiling hooks, freeing up table and floor space.

3. Work with Illusions

A simple way to improve the appearance of the space is through measures that trick the eyes and make the space look bigger. Use see-through or transparent furniture to make the space look more open and incorporate floor to ceiling curtains on the windows to close in the space and give the illusion of height and size.

Mirrors are another way to make a small space look larger, but use smaller mirrors to avoid overwhelming the space. A large mirror may be too much in certain spaces.

4. Select Smaller Furniture

Measure the space carefully and then select furniture that is appropriate for the space. Large furniture will make the space look smaller than it is, so it is important to select furniture that is suitable for the room.

Pick out furniture that will fit comfortably and avoid feeling crowded. For example, select a compact loveseat instead of a large sofa for a small living space or make use of chairs and a small table instead of a couch. The space can still encourage conversation without feeling overwhelming.

5. Keep Some Open Space

It is better to have fewer pieces of furniture and an open space on the floor than to crowd the space with a large amount of furniture. Take a minimalist approach to decorating a small space to keep it open and comfortable.

A simple way to keep a little extra open space is putting furniture near the walls and keeping one side free of furniture. That will create the appearance of open space without making the design complicated.

6. Tips for Small Bedrooms

A Different Type of Bed

You may not want to give up the comfort of a traditional bed, but you can still get the sleep benefits of a quality mattress without using all of your floor area. Murphy beds have come a long way over the years and offer additional features. Some styles even include foldout desks that can be used when the bed is in the upright position.

Consider a Captain-style bed frame. Captain beds give you drawer storage under the bed that is easy to access. While using under bed storage will always save you some space, the built-in features keep your items cleaner.

Organized Closet

Another custom home touch is using a closet organizing system. The more organized the closet, the more you can store. This may help you eliminate an extra dresser, giving more floor area to your bedroom. To truly keep any small room functional, do eliminate excess clutter. Make use of all your available storage. With fewer items, the area will look roomier.

A custom home can have small spaces that must be decorated carefully to avoid drawing attention to the fact that the space is limited. Depending on the room, the best way to decorate and enjoy the space will vary, but the basic steps to make the space look comfortable are similar for every room.

Making Your Small Space Feel Bigger from Downtown Apartment Company