Meet The Custom Home Group Staff: Jared Erb

February 10, 2015

Name: Jared Erb

Birthday: April 10th, 1982                     

Hometown: Lancaster PA        

Title/Position: Designer

Number of years with current company: 11 years

What do you do in your position? 

That is a complicated question.   I primarily focus on designing homes for our clients.  The involves creative concept plans, working through plan edits and then fine-tuning those into construction plans that we can build from.  I also help with the interior design (kitchen layout, color schemes, etc), building permits, ordering products for the home, creating new model floor plans for communities, a site visit to check on the construction process, sales meetings, etc.  You get to wear a lot of hats in a small company and I enjoy the variety.

What interested you originally to do the work that you do? 

I grew up in a ‘construction’ family.  Most of my uncles and cousins work in the construction industry (carpenters, flooring, cabinetry, landscaping, etc).  When I was young, I always enjoyed playing with Legos and other building type games.  As a teenager, I began to appreciate the arts and architecture.  I took a few drafting and art classes and high school and loved it.  So I decided to pursue architectural drafting and design in college.

What is your favorite part of the work you do? 

I really enjoy getting to know the families we design and build for.  I find it so interesting that even know we are all ‘human’, we all have our own ways of living life.  That translates into home design.  Take dining for example: some families eat together at one table while other families eat at the kitchen island or while watching TV.  We want to create a home that fits their lifestyle.  So I enjoy learning about each family’s needs and creating a home that provides for those needs.

What is your favorite experience you had with a client or your favorite achievement is servicing a client?  

It’s very rewarding hearing “Thank you. This is exactly what we imagined.”  We strive to take a client’s ideas and turn them into a home they love.  When we accomplish that, it’s a great achievement for everyone involved.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working? 

Mountain biking, snowboarding, reading, playing guitar, walking around a city to admire the architecture, and pretty much any activity outdoors (except camping)

What is your favorite childhood memory? 

Building tree forts with my younger brother in the woods behind our house.  One of our tree forts was featured in the Lancaster Newspaper when I was 11 or 12 haha.

What is your favorite food?

Pan seared Tuna

What is your favorite beverage?


What are your 3 favorite movies? 

I can’t think of three favorites, but I enjoy anything with Denzel Washington in it

What are your 3 favorite bands?

David Crowder Band, Housefires and Snow Patrol

What was your first concert? 

I think it was Newsboys at Lancaster Mennonite High School in the early ’90s.

What are your 3 favorite restaurants? 

FENZ, Checkers Bistro, and Molly’s Pub

Have you ever had to deal with a client who has domatophobia or oikophobia

Not that I recall.  I hope we are creating homes that folks enjoy living in!