5 Fun Mermaid Bedroom Decor Ideas

January 7, 2021

Nautical interior design is a popular style. Although it is not what you might think of as traditional nautical design, mermaid-themed interior designs are growing in popularity as well. Here are some fun mermaid bedroom decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Make Your Bed Mermaid-Themed

An easy way to add some mermaid decor to your bedroom without making permanent changes is to add mermaid-themed textiles to your bed. A comforter featuring colorful mermaid scales or colors is an easy addition. Throw pillows or a crocheted or knitted mermaid tail blanket are other easy additions.

You could even cover your headboard with a mermaid-inspired fabric or color. Plus, with less invasive mermaid bedroom decor ideas like this, you can get the look you want, but you won’t have to remodel the room if you want to switch to a different style later.

2. Use Scalloped Trim

Scallop shapes are reminiscent of fish scales on a mermaid’s tail. Incorporating some of these shapes into your bedroom design can help create a mermaid-inspired atmosphere. Decorative scalloped trim around a door, window, or ceiling can add interesting details to the room.

This is subtle enough to fit in with a variety of interior styles while still allowing you to emphasize the mermaid theme with the decor you add to the room. You can also play around with the color of the trim to help create a more oceanic look and feel.

3. Paint the Walls or Create an Accent Wall

You can paint the walls a teal, purple, or another color that can fit with your mermaid bedroom theme. If you don’t want to commit to that color on all of the walls, you could just do an accent wall.

If you want the walls to make a bigger statement, one of the mermaid bedroom decor ideas is to paint mermaid scales or scallop shapes on the wall. Usually, this is done on an accent wall and not the entire room.

An accent wall is a popular way to incorporate bold patterns without overwhelming the room or clashing too heavily with other things. For a similar effect that is easier to change in the future if you want to, you could use something more temporary like wallpaper or a wall decal. Experimenting with colors and textures is a wallpaper trend that works well with a variety of styles.

4. Decorate the Outlet Covers and Light Switch Plates

Outlet covers and light switch plates are small and subtle. And, they can be a great way to add some mermaid decor to a bedroom without making permanent structural changes or going overboard.

You can paint these covers and decorate them with small shells for a mermaid-inspired look with paint specifically created for this purpose. Another option is to purchase covers and plates that have been manufactured to look like mermaid scales or feature a mermaid theme.

5. Hang Mermaid-Themed Art

An easy way to add some mermaid decor to a room is to hang up some mermaid-themed art on the walls. Prints, posters, painting, and more can all reinforce the mermaid style you’re going for.

You can even get ocean-themed frames for pictures you want to display. Even if the pictures are not mermaid-themed, the ocean-inspired frames will still make them seem like part of your mermaid decor.

These are just a few fun mermaid bedroom decor ideas to inspire you. There is a lot of flexibility with this style and a lot of options to choose from to help you get the look you want. Plus, there is a lot of overlap with nautical decor, so you can get inspiration from more traditional nautical bedroom design ideas too.

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