6 Mid-Century Kitchen Design Ideas

March 9, 2023

Kitchens are often the most popular part of a home. And if you’re in the middle of designing your own custom home, it can be hard to narrow down what you want in your kitchen. Picking a theme is often an excellent place to start in making some decisions. Mid-century kitchens are a great way to add whimsy to your home design. Here are a few mid-century kitchen design ideas:

1. Incorporate Flat Front Cabinetry

Sleek lines are a staple in mid-century design. Incorporate that look into your kitchen with flat front cabinets. Flat front cabinets are one of the popular kitchen cabinet styles that can help create a modern or mid-century look.

Keep cabinets in their natural wood finish to bring warmth into your kitchen. Or, ask for a fun, retro shade to play up the mid-century vibe. If you want a bright, white kitchen, opt for all-white cabinetry.

Adding some vintage hardware will also bring a mid-century look into your kitchen. Pair with a porcelain farmhouse drainboard sink for a truly vintage look to the kitchen.

2. Choose Loud Wallpaper

Loud patterns and bold colors are often found in mid-century homes. Look for bold patterns like herringbone or chevron. This is one way to implement a chevron pattern in your kitchen. Or if you prefer florals, look for big and bold floral patterns.

If you want to incorporate these patterns but are afraid of overwhelming your kitchen, you can use them as kitchen accent wall ideas or choose patterns in neutral colors. If you still want to incorporate both colors, simply select a small area of your kitchen to use wild and bold wallpaper. These are all ways to incoporate bold patterns into your custom home.

3. Channel Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was known for incorporating nature into the home. He made the most of utilizing natural stone into home design. Natural wood was also a favorite material of his.

If you want to have that same look in your mid-century kitchen, use rock, stone, and simple wood. Arrange stone in a horizontal pattern to bring some Frank Lloyd Wright home design into your kitchen. It’s also a popular flooring trend, making it an excellent choice for your home.

4. Pick the Right Color Palette

Mid-century homes are often known for their specific color palettes. Greens and browns are often seen in mid-century modern color schemes, and are popular in kitchens. However, you can also opt for a mustard yellow, bright teal, navy, and burnt orange.

But if you want a modern twist to your mid-century kitchen, update your color palette. Try a combination of dark gray and light mint green. Blending this color palette with a mid-century design will give you the best of both worlds. Keeping the decor theme in mind is an important thing to consider when choosing interior paint colors for your home.

5. Include the Right Lighting

Picking the right lighting options for your custom home can do wonders for your design. Look through photos of mid-century kitchens to find inspiration for the right lighting. Simple designs were a staple in mid-century kitchens, so choosing sleek, modern pendant lights is always a good option.

6. Go For a Crisp, White Kitchen

If bold colors are not your thing, opt for a crisp, white kitchen. All white kitchens are always classy, so lean into simplicity. Embellish your white flat front cabinetry with chrome hardware that’s mid-century inspired, which is just one of the winning white kitchen design ideas.

Add a marble hexagon backsplash to add some contrast without taking away from the all-white kitchen. This is a kitchen backsplash idea that can help complement the rest of the kitchen. Choose white quartz countertops and a porcelain farmhouse drainboard sink, which are a staple in mid-century kitchens.

These are just a few mid-century kitchen design ideas. If you’re ready to start designing your custom home and kitchen, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!