5 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

November 19, 2019

The great thing about a custom home is that everything is designed and built to fit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. It can be easy if you have a solid idea of what you want in a home, but it gets a little more difficult if you’re still deciding on an interior design theme or style. Taking a closer look at what’s out there can help you figure out what you do and don’t like. Here’s more information about minimalism and some minimalist interior design ideas to help inspire you:

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist interior design is all about simplicity. Unlike maximalism, minimalism focuses on the basics and gets rid of anything that would clutter up the design. But, that’s not to say that minimalist design is cold, stark, or empty. It can be, but when it’s done well, it is warm, inviting, serene, and simple.

The main idea of minimalism is to use simple and natural forms and to only add as many accessories as you need. As such, shape, color, and texture are important elements. Functional furniture, geometric shapes, asymmetry, and neutral colors are popular in minimalist interior design. You can get creative with colors, but the palette is usually limited to just a couple of colors instead of a wider range.

5 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

If you think minimalism could be the interior design trend for you, here are some minimalist interior design ideas to help inspire your own minimalist look:

1. Go Monochromatic with Your Color Scheme

With minimalism, pops of color are usually reserved for accessories. However, you can play around with your color palette. Neutrals, gray and white, or black and white may be popular, but you can also still get a minimalist look by focusing on monochromatic hues of any one color. Even if you stick with a neutral gray, you can use it as a kitchen accent wall idea or as an accent in another room.

2. Keep the Flooring Simple and Easy to Clean

There are a lot of flooring types to choose from for any room. For minimalist interior design, choose flooring that matches your color scheme and also that is easy to maintain and clean. Simplicity is key with minimalism and includes your choice of flooring. Simple, durable, and easy to clean flooring is also one of the ways to design a kid-friendly minimalist home.

3. Employ Hidden Storage to Stay Clutter-Free

Seamless, clean lines and a lack of clutter are trademarks of minimalist interior design. These are classic elements of other interior design styles that take a minimalist approach. A clean, clutter-free look through storage and hidden storage is also one of the Japandi interior design ideas.

Hidden storage or seamless storage is a great way to keep the stuff you want while also keeping it out of sight when you don’t need it. Not only does this help you create a minimalist look to a room, but it also allows you to incorporate more storage into your custom home design in a modern way.

4. Add Texture with Warm, Rich Wood Tones

Adding rich wood tones to a room, especially when paired with neutral colors, can help you create a warm and inviting minimalist look. Plus, there are plenty of ways to incorporate natural wood into your home. Rich wood paneling or a wooden door can add texture.

It also balances warm and cool tones to create an interesting look as well as a welcoming entryway. A wooden block table or kitchen island countertop can add a natural and unique touch to a minimalist kitchen. Cutting boards made of rich woods can be added to a kitchen for a smaller touch.

5. Focus on Functional Furniture and Accessories

Minimalism is all about adding only what is necessary to the room and leaving extra fluff out. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can still add little touches you like here and there, just make sure they’re adding functionality to the room as well. Adding too many accessories is one of the common mistakes to avoid with minimalist interior design.

Focus on form and function, not just form. This can help you get a great look without going overboard. A gorgeous lighting fixture or a luxurious or brightly colored piece of furniture adds a nice look to a room while also serving a necessary purpose.

Don’t be afraid to get artistic or add some luxurious touches, but make sure anything you put in the room will be used and adds to the function of the room in some way. Clutter or “too much” decor is also one of the mistakes to avoid with transitional interior design.

There are a lot of ways to get a minimalist look and feel in your home. These are just a few minimalist interior design ideas to get you thinking about simplicity, texture, shape, and function.

Whether you know the look you want in your custom home or not, partnering with a custom home builder with an in-house design/build process helps you get exactly what you want. If you’re ready to start bringing your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!