4 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

December 12, 2019

Minimalism is all about maximizing available space while including just what is necessary for a clean look and simple feel that is devoid of clutter and excess. It can be a great home decor trend for someone who doesn’t like to have a lot of stuff or deal with clutter. If minimalism is the interior design style for you, you can also incorporate it into your kitchen. Here are a few minimalist kitchen design ideas to inspire you:

1. Hidden Storage

Whether you live a minimalist lifestyle or not, you’re going to have some stuff you need to keep in the kitchen. Even the barest kitchen still needs basic appliances, plateware, drinkware, silverware, and food supplies. And, you’ll need somewhere to store it all.

A minimalist kitchen is clutter-free. There may be some open shelves displaying some items and an appliance or two on the countertop, but, generally, the counter is kept free of stuff. That makes hidden storage particularly useful when you’re trying to keep a clutter-free look to your kitchen. It’s also one of the minimalist interior design ideas you can incorporate into the rest of your custom home.

Sleek cabinets and shelves look great and keep things stored out of sight and off the counter. If you include a kitchen island, this can also be a great place to store larger items or items you don’t need to use as often. A waterfall island is one of the types of kitchen islands that is popular in minimalist kitchen designs. A small pantry behind a sliding door can also provide some more hidden storage for canned goods, dry goods, and other non-perishables.

2. Integrated Features

Minimalist kitchens are known for their sleek, clean lines and modern look. Integrating features so that they appear built-in or in a way that makes them multifunctional is minimalism at its best.

Appliances that are built-in or fit so well in their space that they look built-in can give your kitchen a seamless look. Integrating seating into a kitchen island makes the space multifunctional and also reduces the need, in some cases, for additional tables or seating in other areas.

3. Neutral Colors

Minimalist kitchens often feature a neutral color palette. If there are bright colors, they are usually done as an accent. White-on-white kitchens, black and white kitchens, black kitchens, combinations with gray, and more are all popular options for minimalist kitchens to give them a sleek, clean, and simple look and feel. Although neutral colors are more popular, you can still create a minimalist kitchen with a colorful palette

Fun accents are often added through lighting choices, an area rug, colorful seating, and more. With minimalism, you don’t want to overdo it with accessories, but you also don’t have to be boring. The goal with minimalism is that anything you do add to the room must serve a purpose and it’s even better if it’s multifunctional.

4. Include Wood, Marble, Concrete, or Tile

Depending on the color palette you choose for your minimalist kitchen and your overall style, including different materials can add some texture, interest, and warmth to the room.

Wood, especially reclaimed wood and natural wood, in a door, the floor, an island, a table, or even your cabinets or shelving can make your kitchen design stand out. It can also provide a little color as an accent as well.

Subway tiles or marble patterns are popular for a kitchen backsplash. They tend to offer some visual interest and detail while still fitting in with a minimalist look. Marble-topped counters or kitchen islands are also popular with minimalist kitchens.

Concrete is not quite as popular as other materials, but it can be used in a kitchen island or the rest of your countertops for a minimalist look with a little bit of an industrial feel. This is just one of the many ways to incorporate concrete into your custom home design. Concrete or tile can be used as flooring as well.

These are just a few minimalist kitchen design ideas to get you started. Although the style is minimalism, there are still a lot of options to choose from so you can get the right look and feel for you.

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