4 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Bohemian Interior Design

February 6, 2020

By nature, Bohemian décor offers you the chance to use some creative license in your interior design. For this reason, the decor choices you make with bohemian design are far less standardized than what is often seen with other interior design themes. Bohemian décor embraces artsy creativity and an individualistic approach to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. But, as with any interior design style, there are some mistakes that can miss the mark. Here are some common mistakes to avoid with bohemian interior design:

Mistake #1 – Ignoring Layers and Ending up With Clutter

It’s true that the overall look of Bohemian décor is a bit busier than other types of décor that tend to be more minimalist in their approach. However, randomness is not necessarily the goal and approaching this type of interior design without a plan is not a recipe for success.

A properly implemented Bohemian interior design theme is dependent upon the use of layers. This allows you to achieve a warm and interesting space that builds off of a base color scheme. For this reason, it is important to consider how all of the layers flow together and complement each other.

This means that wall color, indoor plants, furniture type/shape/color, and additional accent pieces should all work together. When these items are selected randomly or independently of one another, the room can end up looking generally disjointed and cluttered.

Mistake #2 – Going Overboard

Even though Bohemian interior design uses more elements than minimalist interior design styles, a less-is-more approach is sometimes still applicable to this type of décor. Too many items crammed into limited spaces can have the effect of cluttering a room, or worse, detracting from the important focal points.

Bohemian interior design provides opportunities to use a good deal of color within the design theme. However, the use of too many colors can become distracting and cause the impact of the overall décor in the room to be lost. Be sure to walk the fine line between enough and too much when it comes to this style of interior design!

Mistake #3 – Playing it Too Safe

Speaking of a fine line between enough and too much, another common mistake with Bohemian interior design is playing it too safe. Remember, to effectively achieve an authentic-looking Bohemian style, there needs to be a certain level of layered colors, textures, and shapes within the room.

The room should look somewhat eccentric and artsy. It should look like it was put together by a creative mind. The creativity within the design style and the use of various colors, plants, and other accent items are what contribute to the warm and inviting nature of Bohemian design. So, make sure that you aren’t playing it too safe and be willing to take a few chances to achieve the maximum impact!

Mistake #4 – Forgetting About Negative Space and Balance

One of the mistakes to avoid with bohemian interior design is forgetting about negative space and balance. Effective Bohemian design will have a lot going on. This is because this type of design relies heavily on the visual impact of layering and mixing colors, textures, and other items to create the maximum effect. However, any room that fails to incorporate some negative space will ultimately lose balance and miss the mark.

Similar to going overboard with clutter, a lack of negative space within your plans for a Bohemian-themed home or room will end up detracting from your design and make the area less inviting. Balancing decorations and accent items with a bit of open space makes a big difference and often delivers better results too.

Bohemian interior design is a fun style to incorporate into a new home. There is a great amount of flexibility and freedom. Plus, many color schemes that would not be an option with other styles are “on the table” when it comes to Bohemian décor. By keeping these common mistakes to avoid with bohemian interior design in mind, you will be sure to end up with a rewarding end result.

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