5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Industrial Decor

January 14, 2020

If you have decided on an industrial themed décor and design for your new home, you are in luck! It is truly one of the most unique and creative interior design themes and it will provide you with an immense amount of opportunity to customize your living space. Before you jump into designing and decorating your home, it’s a good idea to avoid common mistakes associated with the style you’ve chosen. Every interior design style has its own set of mistakes to avoid. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid with industrial decor:

Mistake #1 – Going Overboard with Color

Hitting the mark with industrial design tends to require the use of a neutral color palette, at least when choosing a base color palette. This is not to say that color cannot be incorporated into your décor, but it should be done intentionally so that it accents and enhances the rest of the room instead of clashing with it.

Industrial buildings are practical and functional. As such, they don’t typically use a lot of bright and bold color schemes. If you want some pops of brighter color in your industrial decor, use them in accent pieces rather than on a main wall or in furniture colors in order to keep the industrial décor looking authentic and on-point.

Mistake #2 – Creating Spaces that Feel Too Cramped or Closed Off

Because this design style centers around an open layout, creating spaces that feel too cramped or closed off is one of the common mistakes to avoid with industrial decor. An experienced custom home builder can help you to avoid inadvertently creating closed off or cramped spaces during the planning phase of your building project. Even in smaller areas, it’s important to keep the area free of clutter so that the room feels simple, practical, and functional.

Mistake #3 – Opting for Plastic Instead of Natural Materials

Choosing the wrong materials is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid with industrial decor. Practically speaking, true industrial buildings require a high level of durability, efficiency, and functionality. As such, the materials that they are constructed out of are those that can take the wear and tear of industry.

For this reason metals, wood, and masonry should take precedent over plastic materials and components. Natural or raw materials will provide a much more authentic look and feel to the interior of an industrial themed home!

Mistake #4 – Getting the Style Right and Function Wrong

Although it is imperative that your industrial themed home uses the right materials and components to look authentic, that is only half of the story. Your home still needs to function efficiently and provide you with a comfortable living space. This is important for every room and particularly for highly-used rooms. This is something to keep in mind with any industrial kitchen ideas you want to implement.

Make sure that you aren’t choosing form at the expense of function. The way you decorate your new home should not inhibit its practical use. As with any type of décor, and especially with industrial interior design, if it doesn’t allow for practical living, it has missed its mark!

Mistake #5 – Including Too Much Decor

Industrial décor goes hand and hand with a minimalist interior design approach. The simplicity of industrial design has a rugged feel to it, but it shouldn’t feel unfinished. In fact, having too many decorations to the point of cluttering the space tends to give an industrial theme more of an unfinished look because it detracts from the look and feel of highly functional practicality.

Don’t be afraid to supplement your industrial décor with additional items. Just be sure that those items enhance the design and overall feel of the home, serve a purpose in the room, and don’t create unwanted clutter.

Designing a new home with an industrial style of décor is fun and rewarding. Keeping the common mistakes to avoid with industrial decor in mind and having open conversations with your custom home builder can ensure that you end up with the results you’ve dreamed about! If you need some help in making your dream home a reality, call Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090.